Friday, August 1, 2008

Meet Betina!

She's bound to pop into this blog now and then, so now is as good a time as any to take a minute to introduce to you this self-proclaimed Superstar (aren't we all superstars after the third Martini???). Many of my forum friends have already had the pleasure, so I'll keep it short for their sake.

Betina came to live with us a little over two years ago. As best as we can determine, she was born in the mid-60's (but she refuses to reveal her age). She is very high maintenance. We never imagined just how demanding she could be when we so kindly welcomed her into our home, but I suppose a gal of a...certain age, earns that right.

Betina Facts:

Occupation: Celebrity, Retired Model and International Spy, Fashionista

Hobbies: Posing and Drinking

Favorite Movies: Mannequin, Magic

Idols: Cher, Joan Rivers (anyone with more man-made materials in their face than her)

Catch Phrases: "I'm hard.", "I should take my hand off and slap you with it!", "Where's my damn cocktail?!"

This is how Betina arrived at our last house. Please don't say anything about her "sensible" shoes. She's very sensitive about it and views them as a form of abuse committed upon her by her former house-mates (it's insensitive to use the word owners).

She will kill me for posting this !

Betina's First Christmas!

Christmas Party behavior we don't talk about.

Spring '06: We still don't know what she had to do to get those Mardi-gras beads!

Oscars 'o6 (she wasn't invited the following year, we're afraid to ask why)

Last Christmas, in the midst of an Identity Crisis!

4th of July: Red White & Drunk!
I mean Blue.

We are not insane.
Have a good weekend everyone!


Rrramone said...

I bow on one knee and ask reverently for Betina's hand in marriage.

John G. said...

You sure you don't wanna take her on a date or two before you make that sort of commitment???

PurpleTrekkie said...

*shaking head, laughing, shaking head* If you wake up in the middle of the night & she's standing over you... lol

Devadeva Mirel said...

i think joan rivers would have loved betina's oscar outfit. but she was a little lite on the jewelry. but what the hell do i know...

John G. said...

LMAO Purple Trekkie, you know she has trouble with stairs.


Fun blog.
Betina is so cool,,,
so sassy,,,
and sensible shoes only
make sense,,,, for this gal
on the go.

Marie Louise said...

Too funny. I'm a retired model who used to work with a half dutch, half asian girl named Betina. I thought there might be a long shot chance you were speaking of her! She was born in the 60s!

John G. said...

How fabulous Marie Louise, I love it!
I do hope you get to hear about/from your Betina.

Anonymous said...

Betina is hot! Shame on your for posting her um... naked scalp.

John G. said...

LMAO Chewy, you're not my only gal-pal who thinks she's hot. Lawd!

Anonymous said...

No doubt she has a flair for fashion. I think I'm in love and I'm all girl in love with boys, lol!