Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Changing Styles

I wonder how often other artists do this.

For me it's not really all that often.
"Latin Pop" is my signature style. It's been there since I put brush to canvas in a serious way. It's evolved over the years and from time to time variations do develop within it, but it's my one artistic constant. It flows from me and of all the styles I've explored so far it is the one I consider most personal.

For a number of years I painted a comic-book inspired series alongside Latin Pop. It was well received and I really enjoyed it. Much like Lichtenstein (one of my favorite artists), I worked from actual comic books, interpreting single panels into paintings that usually carried some sort of tongue-in-cheek commentary. But something happened along the way and though the paintings earned me some gallery acceptance, I began to feel less and less inspired to carry on the series. It's been about a year and a half since I've produced a new "Strictly Pop" painting.

I guess I feel that, while no less legitimate an art form, manipulating other people's imagery to convey my point of view, is no longer satisfying. At least not while there are images of my very own lining up in my head...just waiting to be expressed.

So if I have no real desire to pursue this series, why is it that I feel as if I'm turning my back on an old friend?

I'm not going to say that I will never re-visit this imagery (who can ever figure artists out!), but for the time being I have no plans to. The remaining pieces from this series (for the exception of a few still at some galleries) have been sitting in a corner of my studio. So I've put them up on my Etsy shop, which I've just opened.

Here are a few:

Available through Artiszenarts Gallery




"Catwoman for Friskies"/24x24"
Available through Artiszenarts Gallery

"Betsey Johnson"/16x20"
(Purchased at an art market in the Hamptons by Ms. Johnson's business partner as a gift for Betsey)

"Ralph Lauren"/16x20"


CJ said...

I love these! These are wonderful. I really enjoyed them. What a great way to start my day!

John G. said...

Glad you like CJ! That they are generally well received is part of why it's bittersweet not painting them...and I go back and forth on "abandoning" the style. Maybe at some point I'll re-visit.

Anonymous said...

Betsey Johnson has one of you paintings! OMG! OMG! You must have been so excited on that sale.

John G. said...

Oh, I was TOTALLY excited about that sale!

Martha Marshall said...

I don't think you should abandon them. As long as they keep calling to you, maybe you should listen. These are fabulous!

I like your Latin Pop series too. It's easy to see you keeping both series going.

John G. said...

Thank you Martha. You might be right.