Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Olympia Dukakis???

Maybe that's what some of the designers heard when Tim informed them of tonight's challenge.
"Designers, design a dress to be worn by Olympia Dukakis at the Dukakis Family Reunion opening ceremonies. Make it work!"

With the exception of a few, have these guys and gals ever SEEN an Olympian??? Do they know the Olympics is a sporting event and that the opening ceremonies take place in a stadium and not a Soho gallery showroom? And why would you even try to accessorize an athlete with anything other than a stopwatch or wristband? Maaaybe a visor, if you wanna get fancy.

Deservedly so, Korto was this week's challenge winner.

Hip, modern and athletic!

Tragedies of the week:

Jerrell made his first hat! Congratulations would have been in order, had this been Polka-dotted Floppy Hat Challenge Week.

Minnie Mouse meets Titanic!

And in a dramatic turn of events we learned that Daniel might be color blind. Say it isn't so!

Red Hat Society Cocktail Chic!

In the end it was boring "Surrealist" Jennifer who bit the dust and was sent packing. Ironically it actually would be surreal to see athletes running down the field in her prim and proper design!
Ah, well, the girl is young. I'm sure she'll be a big hit among church-going fashionistas.

Jesus loves me!

PS. Did Heidi really say "ide-errs" (ideas)???

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CJ said...

Love the reference to Dukakis Family Reunion. That's a riot! Not even being able to so a button, I have great respect for anyone who can design an outfit. But I would have to agree with your comments here.