Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm in!

As of today, another gallery will be representing my work...abstracts, to be exact.
At the moment, of the galleries which represent me, it is the only one dealing strictly with my abstract work. Other galleries show a variety of my styles; either in combination, or in turns. It's a bit silly, but I have to admit that I like the way, "...and Art Expressions handles my abstract work." sounds.

I met with the gallery owner today. I brought him 9 initial pieces to choose from. He kept 8 and I got a year-long consignment contract.

Meanwhile I'm trying to spend any free minute of this Labor Day weekend (we have a houseguest) completing a trio of bathing suit-clad Va-Va-Voom! Girls in hopes of meeting a Tuesday submission deadline for yet another gallery.

Here's an abstract painted last year.
It is a collaborative piece between myself and Mike Trovato.

"F Train"
Mixed media on canvas/9x12"
Now available through Art Expressions Gallery, Gaithersburg MD 301-216-1388/Gallery website coming soon!


sukipoet said...

Wow. this is fabulous. Now, I didnt realize one brings the actually works themselves to be perused? As opposed to slides. Or whatever is used now in this digital age. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry it took so long to visit yours, but just now getting sort of rebalanced after a death in the family and so forth. Or have i ever been balanced? Oh yes, I'm a Libra. good luck

John G. said...

Sorry to hear about the death in your family suki. I wish you and yours comfort and peace.

Yes, the gallery owner first viewed my work via internet/email submission. Then he requested I bring pieces to view in person and make final selections from.
Thanks for the comment. I will be visiting your blog again. :-)

CJ said...

Beautiful work John.

CJ said...

And congrats on that contract!

Anonymous said...

Great News, John!
"...and Art Expressions handles my abstract work." - I like the way that sounds too.

Last year I sold a painting through my blog to a person in Europe. So I say, "I have an international collector". (wink)

John G. said...

Chewy: Oh it's ALL about what we get to say when promoting our work! LOL!

I heard you were an "International Sensation".