Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle

The second this week's challenge (design a day-to-night look for Brook Shield's character on her show "Lipstick Jungle") got underway I felt like I might not have much to blog about. I love Brooke. She's entertaining and she looks fab, but quite honestly I don't see the unique angle of the challenge.

Ah well, but the show must go on. And some people have to win, and others loose and I must say something bitchy about at least one (maybe two).

Keith redeemed himself this week by winning the challenge.
His look was actually quite nice and tasteful, which means he will remain safe from Mormon capture for at least another week. Whew!
I loved how the model worked the sleeves on the runway.


I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Jerrell and Stella's look! Stella even looked as if there might be something other than scotch and formaldehyde running through her veins this week.
Now if Jerrell can wear a shirt with a neckline above his navel I might start taking him a bit more seriously.


Tragedies of the Week:

It was all about taste this week...or lack thereof.

Blaine's creativity seems to be fading faster than his tan. He was supposed to create an outfit for a high powered TV executive. Instead he created something fit for a bike messenger.

You can buy this at Walmart.

Kelli on the other hand, seemed to have a whole other type of profession in mind.

Angry tranny in a Heidi Fleiss power suit!

THANK GAWWWWWWD next week it's Drag Queens!


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