Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Al Gore's Got it Wrong!

Forget global warming.
Like sugary snacks do a chubby kid's teeth, the when-you-care-to-send-the-very-best sweetness of the Jolie-Pitt's is eating away at the ozone layer! I have no scientific proof, but I just know it.

My dreams for ugly Brangelina Twins have been shattered...sigh.
As recently released photos show, they are as gorgeous as the rest of the family.

My ongoing quest to uncover some deep dark secret flaw that will destroy their perfect veneer continues. Bwahahaha!

EXCLUSIVE tour of the Jolie-Pitt's home:


CJ said...

I am lmao at this post. I love it. This is the perfect video to describe the Bradgelina or (whatever the heck they are called) household. And yes, the babies are beautiful (again).

John G. said...

I love Brangelina as much as the next person, but dammit, SOMETHING about them has to be imperfect!

A big ugly toe.

An abnormally long chin-hair she has to pluck everyday.


I will not give up till I find out what it is.

CJ said...

Will you please let us know what that is when you find it?

Afrochick said...

You are so wrong for the Small World clip - lol. John your a nut.