Friday, August 22, 2008

When You Care Enough to Send the Very Gay

This week, Hallmark unveiled their new line of same-sex "marriage" greeting cards.
I write "marriage" in quotations because although one design features hearts in Rainbow colors and another side-by-side tuxedos, the nation's leading greeting card manufacturer was careful to avoid the word or any direct references to weddings.

According to
Hallmark spokeswoman Sarah Gronberg Kolell,"It's our goal to be as relevant as possible to as many people as we can."

Hallmark is also leaving it up to all of its stores to choose independently whether or not they wish to carry the new cards. So if your local Hallmark is managed by the neighborhood's Sunday School teacher, you just might be shit out of luck.

Personally, their already existing "For my Husband"-type cards served me just fine. I have no qualms about picking out anniversary cards with all the other wives, however puzzled or disapprovingly some of them might look at me.

Here's an idea, Hallmark: since your goal is to be as relevant as about a line that welcomes the new gays-next-door?!

Cover: Welcome New Neighbors
Inside: Thank you for raising our property values!

Or maybe, since you're into wide-appeal-type messages, a general gay-appreciation card!

Cover: Thank You for Being Gay!

The inside messages could vary to suit the consumer with heart-warming offerings like: I could've never decorated my home without you! or My husband would never allow our friendship otherwise.

Or here's an even better (more "relevant") idea:
How about a line of Gay Pride Greetings???
Such cards, of course are already offered by independent companies with balls.

Don't worry about the wedding cards, Hallmark (we can continue to customize them by drawing little moustaches on the ladies).

I know I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth but...If you want to cash in on our community, give us something that actually means something and has some real relevance. Don't be afraid to go all the way. We will appreciate it and in turn buy your product.

Just a thought.

Here's some companies that offer gay-themed greeting cards:
10 Percent
Over the Rainbow Shop (Yes, they have greeting cards! LOL!)
Alternative Greeting Cards


Timmy said...

I like the idea of Thank You For Being Gay greeting card. I hope someone from Hallmark is reading your blog!

P.S. Thanx for stopping by and checking me out.

Beth said...

Thanks for visiting...I love finding new blogs to read.

I happen to think these cards are FANTASTIC!!!! I just sent a card to David Dust for his birthday and it had a hunky guy on the outside...but it would have been so much better to get him a gay card!

People need to get over it. This is it or get out!!!

John G. said...

Hey Beth, thanks for stopping in.
I think it's great that Hallmark should finally decide to be inclusive of our community. What I don't think is so great is that they should come around at a "convenient" time (the California gay marriage ordeal) and in a half-assed way (as if, well...we're gonna kinda sorta try it a lil' bit, but not in such a blunt way that we can't pull out if there's backlash against our company).

There's gay-owned/manufactured greeting cards companies that offer a sincere gay-themed greetings. I will add some links (should've done so) to my post. ;-)

mistress maddie said...

I was surprised it took Hallmark this long to tell you the truth,but it is nice to see!Glad you liked the Bunny post!

Marie Louise said...

Great post - very funny but also very true. Hallmark is trying to be P.C. while cashing in on the gay market and not offending red necks of America. You have a point - why bother.

rob said...

Hi John,

Would love it if you could post a link to my site, We were mentioned in the AP article, and sell REAL gay and lesbian wedding cards, coming out cards, and pride cards. Thanks!

John G. said...

Absolutely Rob! Consider your link added. Thanks for stopping in!