Sunday, August 10, 2008

Canine Soiree

Anyone who's read far enough on this blog knows that our doggy-boy Orion was diagnosed with bone cancer and given a 4-month prognosis last month. Thankfully, for the exception of some occasional limping (for which he immediately gets medication), he's been just fine and lively as can be. He turned 9 on Friday.

Project Spoil Orion Silly continues:

Today family came over and we had a birthday celebration in his honor. The nieces and nephew made adorable goodie bags filled with treats. He also got lots of new "babies" (he loves plush toys that make noise) and feasted on doggy ice cream.

Yes, we really decorated.

The birthday boy!

Lola: I only showed up because I heard there'd be strippers.

My beautiful husband!

Even Betina cleared her schedule and attended the soiree.

Where's the open bar??!

Umm...Do you mind if I just lay here for a minute?

Kissing fools!

Betina and I pose for the Paparazzi.

It was a lovely day.


CJ said...

Happy Birthday Orion! The party looks like it was a great time. And Betina of course, looks stunning as always. Glad to see your baby is doing well.

Velvet Ginger said...

I came from Cj's blog. Orion is a sweety and that's a great idea to have a party for him! It's hell having to see your pet in pain. You are making good memories with him!

John G. said...

Thanks for visiting Velvet Ginger! Luckily he's not in serious pain yet.And we will not let it get to that point, we owe him that after the joy he's brought into our lives for the past 9 years.