Monday, August 18, 2008

Small Abstracts

I've been talking a lot about painting abstracts lately and quite honestly have not produced as many as I'd hoped.
Now I have to.
A gallery has asked some abstracts of me and I must have some ready for the owner to pick from in two weeks.

Today I started trying to loosen up a bit with these little guys.

5x7"/ Mixed media on canvas panel

6x6"/ Mixed Media on canvas

Searching for Quiet
5x7"/Mixed media on canvas panel


PurpleTrekkie said...

I like the mixed medias... Is "Tumble" the deer from this past weekend (that's what I'm seeing in the dark shape)?

John G. said...


LOL. I hadn't thought of it. Maybe subconsciously. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

I also loosened up by painting small this week.

Tumble is my favorite of these three. I like the depth of it. The black shape in the middle with the white blocks floating on top. These are a treat for me to see as your other paintings are so graphic and flat. These show another side of your psyche.