Monday, August 25, 2008

A Lovely Day

We threw a few towels and our bathing suits (no two-pieces LOL) in the trunk of the car and took off this morning. We landed just 40 or so minutes away in Chesapeake Beach/North Beach, took a dip (our first swim of the almost-over summer), and explored the small community a bit.

We stumbled upon a cute little gallery right on the main strip and I started thinking about possibly painting some of my Va-Va-Voom! Girls in vintage bathing suits for the purpose of pitching to beach-town galleries/boutiques.


Anonymous said...

Vintage suits carrying with frilly bathing caps?

John G. said...

YES exactly!!! Bathing caps with flowers, polka name it!
You're seeing what I'm talking about.

CJ said...

The Va-Va-Voom girls would look great in vintage suits! They would get my attention.