Monday, August 4, 2008

Painting Music:

Well, more like prep music.
Today I did not paint abstracts as I'd hoped. Instead I spent my time in the studio preparing paintings for Wednesday's hanging and printing labels. Not the funnest activities on earth, but so be it. Tomorrow is another day.

On my current playlist:

"Rockferry" by Duffy

Given the British Blue-eyed Soul Invasion of the past two years I was afraid this one might turn out to be a bit cookie-cutter. Instead, I was very pleasantly surprised! Duffy's a true vocalist and the 60's Dusty Springfield/Ronnie Spector vibe of this album suit her divinely. "Serious", "Hanging on Too Long" and my personal favorite "Syrup and Honey" are definite stand-outs.

"Sam Sparro" by Sam Sparro
I can't get enough of this guy! I've been following Sam Sparro since I read a blurb about him in a magazine about a year ago. I caught a sneak peak here and there and immediately fell in love with his voice and style! At long last, his debut is available in the US (at least, to my knowledge, via itunes and Amazon). With clear influences ranging from Prince and Parliament to Depeche Mode, the album is a heavenly mixture of Electronica, Funk, R&B and Pop.

"Black and Gold" Without a doubt, one of my favorite songs of the year!


CJ said...

Being a Depeche Mode fan, I had to check out this video. I really enjoyed this artist. Thank you for posting this. I am going to check him out on itunes for sure.

Love your blog by the way!

John G. said...

Thanks so much CJ! I love your blog too and look forward to keeping up with it. You're going right on my blogroll.

I'm enamored with Sparro (he's cute, but it's his style and talent I can't get enough of).

And the fact that he is an Out artist is a bonus incentive for me to lend my support.