Wednesday, August 27, 2008


In the interest of making things less about fashion and more about pleasing sponsors, this week's challenge was to recycle SATURN auto parts into a wearable creation. When all was said and done, most designers created note-worthy looks.

Leeanne finally stepped up her game and proved, by winning the challenge, that her conceptual design aesthetic and superb construction make her a true threat in this competition.

My humps, my humps my lovely lady lumps!

Korto once again showed us that she knows sophistication, making a tremendous, yet chic, coat out of hundreds of woven seat belts. "I want to wear that! I want to own that!" exclaimed hungry guest judge Rachel Zoe. Come on, Rachel, it's a miracle you don't crack a rib under the weight of ONE seat belt.

I'm wearing airbag panties!

Tragedies of the Week:

I-now-communicate-with-the-dead designer Suede escaped the wrath of the judges, but not mine. What the hell was that dress about??? It looked like a cheerleader being run over by a monster truck (I'll give you a minute).
You gotta go soon, Sylvia Browne!

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!!! (I'll give you a minute)

This week we learned that Stella is dating a man who goes by the name of Ratbones.
And here I thought most necrophiliacs had regular names like Jim or Bob.

Unfortunately, our favorite (she actually grows on a drunken fungus) Lil' Leatha Queen sent a boring and disconnected look down the runway.

Why does my skirt smell like Scotch?

And finally...

Yes! It's back to Utah for you, Keith!
On the week when all your shredding would've actually made sense, you gave us a look inspired by a Banana Republic clearance rack. On top of that, you tried to go head to head with Michael Kors.

Silly boy, no wannabe-designer challenges the Gay Orange and lives to tell about it.

Do I at least get cab fare next week?

Since you're so "edgy", perhaps you can revolutionize the world of Salt Lake City fashion by sending the Tabernacle Choir down the runway in robes made out of shredded Book of Mormon pages. It's sure to get you back on TV when your 15 Bravo-minutes wear off.

On the plus side, you did wear a tank top way better than Jerrell and we'll miss you for that.

The Gascot Method has obtained this EXCLUSIVE photo of Blayne's parents at home, watching Project Runway, of course.

We're so proud of our little Blayne!

I'm gonna call it early for the ladies. I'm thinking Leanne, Korto and Kenley for the top 3.


Anonymous said...

BRAVO!!! Well covered as usual! ~~freechild

PurpleTrekkie said...

Dark Crystal?! LMAO! (it's funny, though, how many ppl *do* look like them puppets... ;-)