Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mother's Burden

Mother's Burden (dedicated to The Mothers of the Movement), acrylic and ink on canvas
24" x 30", available.
I wanted to create a piece that honored mothers of color (specifically Black mothers) at this time in history. Much is said about a woman's work never being done, and mothers in particular. Not enough is acknowledged about the burden of Black mothers in the turbulent sociopolitical climate we live in.

Religious imagery served as inspiration, once again. Black Mary gazes upon a black figure, too grown to protect within the safety of her arms. He is both Christ (all seeing) and Black Man (all eyes on him). She wears the crown of thorns, symbolizing burden and inflicted pain. She lactates freely, symbolizing an uncontrollable instinct to nurture. The dove in her hand is a symbol of the peace she must find within to stand strong and unwavering in the face of circumstances beyond her control.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Call for Art- Equality FL Gala Held at St. Pete

2017 Equality FL Gala held at St. Pete Juried Auction
The Equality FL Gala held at St. Pete auction committee is seeking artists to participate in its annual Juried Silent Art Auction Exhibit as part of Equality FL St. Pete’s annual fundraising gala. The Silent Auction shines a spotlight on Florida’s diverse and talented LGBTQ and Ally visual arts community at this important event. The Equality FL Gala held at St. Pete is our largest fundraiser of the year. By bringing
artists, their works and buyers together for a spirited evening of bidding and showcasing fine art,
this event aims to benefit both Equality FL’s mission and donors.
All 2-D, 3-D, and fine craft artists, 18 years or older are eligible to submit. Deadline for submissions is February 15, 2017. 2D works should be singular (1 hung panel). Limit of three high-resolution image submissions per entrant.
Visual artists working in all styles and media are invited to apply, including painters, sculptors, ceramicists, fiber artists, jewelers, and photographers. Works will be selected by a jury panel of art professionals who may also invite artists who are eligible to participate.
This year’s 20 Year Anniversary Celebration will be held at the magnificent Mahaffey Theatre on Saturday, April 15, 2017 from 7pm. The Silent Auction exhibit will be presented in the Grand Ballroom of the Mahaffey Theatre. As in previous years, sold-out attendance is expected. Artists donating juried works valued at $250 or greater may choose to be compensated with 2 Gala tickets ($250 value) or receive up to 30% back on the final price paid.

Cory Allen- Gallerist and public relations for fine art and entertainment. www.cacanet.com
John Gascot- Auction coordinator, curator, painter and workshop leader. www.gascot.com
Sara Norine- Fiber artist, photographer and workshop leader. www.saranorine.com

All artworks must be securely mounted and ready for display as follows:
-Three-dimensional artworks must be stable or securely mounted to a free-standing base.
-Artworks on paper must be framed under glass or Plexiglas.
-All wall-hung pieces must be ready to hang with secured, closed eyehooks and wiring.
Application Deadline: February 15, 2017
Acceptance Notifications: February 25, 2017
Delivery/Collection: by April 10, 2017. Artists outside the Tampa Bay region are responsible for shipping to the Equality FL St. Pete offices Attn: John Gascot, Auction Coordinator via signature required delivery confirmation method. Shipped works must arrive in a substantial, reusable container and a prepaid return shipping label. The Auction Committee will not be responsible for damage to artwork due to insufficient packing material or container if returning artwork as it was originally shipped. Artists will be notified immediately of work that arrives damaged. While all reasonable efforts will be made to protect consigned works from accidental damage or breakage, Artist agrees to consign work at their own risk. Artist may insure their work at their own discretion.
Annual Gala and Auction Date: April 15, 2017, Mahaffey Theatre
Submission: Submit up to 3 high-resolution (at least 500x500 and no larger than 1000x1000 pixels) images of proposed artworks to jgascot@gascot.com

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Support My LGBTQ Youth Expressive Art Program

I am an artist.
I am also a gay man. An OUT gay man. A married-to-another-guy out gay man.  A very FORTUNATE and GRATEFUL man.

As a kid I never dreamed I might be able to say those words. While we've come a long way in matters of LGBTQ awareness, tolerance and equality the sad reality is that we've not come nearly far enough. There are kids today who still cannot imagine saying those words. LGBTQ youth is still subject to ridicule, bullying and descrimination. 
As an artist and adult human member of the LGBTQ community I feel it is my responsibility to reach out and give back in the best way I know how...through art. Art saved and shaped my life and I believe it can do the same for others. It facilitates expression, confidence and self-esteem. The workshops provide a safe environment for creative social interaction and sharing.
I am volunteering my time to create an ongoing LGBTQ Youth Expressive Art Program (at NO COST to participants). I offer creative workshop sessions via a variety of venues which are easily accessible to participants. The program launches with my first workshop on 11/14/2016. In this early stage I am not only volunteering time but taking on the expense of art and creative materials as well. That is where you come in. 
I am just one guy doing his best to do his community and the world-at-large a solid. I too have pressing bills and other matters which demand my time, but believe passionately that investing in our youth sets into motion a whirlwind of positive change.
Your support will help provide materials like canvas, papers, paints, brushes and more. These are the tools which will empower the participants in my program. These are the tools with which they will grow, express...and conquer. 
Here I spell this wish out with utmost gratitude and set it out into the world with the great hope that it will raise the funds that will allow me to run this Expressive Arts program for its first year (now through the 2017 calendar year). 
Click the button below to donate.
Creativity and Kindness,
John Gascot

Thursday, October 6, 2016

How Surreal is This?? Gascot at the Dali

Photo credit: Linda Costa Photography

St. Petersburg, FLA, 10/6/2016– On Wednesday, December 7, 2016, The Dalí Museum’s Zodiac Membership Committee will exhibit Latin Pop artist John Gascot as one of the 12 featured artists in its “The 12 Days of Dalí” event, taking place at the Museum from 6-8:30pm.
This annual event invites members of The Dalí to meet with and view work by local artists and artisans. Each of the 12 Zodiac committee members has selected an artist to showcase. The Museum Store will also be open and offering members a special 25% discount on Store merchandise. Tickets for the event are $15 and available to Dalí Museum members & their guests on TheDali.org.
The Zodiac Membership Committee is an all-volunteer group that supports the mission of The Dalí Museum by building meaningful relationships with members, fostering new interest in the membership program, and helping to strengthen ties between the Museum, its members and the arts community. The original Zodiac Group was created in France in 1932 and consisted of 12 patrons who each sponsored Salvador Dalí for one month of the year. In exchange, patrons received a work of Dalí’s produced during that same month. In the spirit of these forward-thinking patrons, The Dalí’s Zodiac Membership Committee was formed in 1996.
On the evening of the event, Gascot will unveil 6 new works before Dalí Museum members and their guests. The works, executed in his bold and colorful signature Latin Pop style, will range in size and narrative. Taking on subjects both reflective and current, he aims to inspire positive and spirited conversation with and among attendees. “I hope my pieces will take the viewer on a mini-journey of my artistic progression. Thematically I plan on reaching back into the past, touching on something of the moment and looking forward into the future.” The artist says. “I also will take this prestigious opportunity to challenge myself by sharing evolution of style through the materials used in at least one of the new works. As artists we should be ever evolving and I welcome the chance to share a glimpse into mine with The Dalí’s audience.”
About John Gascot:
Latin American/Caribbean artist John Gascot spent the first 12 years of his life in Puerto Rico, a fact to which he attributes his love of bold color. While he creates in a variety of styles, including Painterly and Geometric Abstractions, Latin Pop paintings are his signature. He affectionately coined the style Latin Pop after years of unsuccessful attempts at categorizing the work as one genre or another. The series combines elements of Pop, Cubism and Folk and is often flavored with a Latin/Global sensibility.

John’s Latin Pop paintings combine various global influences in contemporary narratives, blurring cultural lines which divide us. He strives to create art that is accessible and promotes diversity while simultaneously celebrating and challenging social and gender roles dictated by various cultures. His work is in various collections across the US and Europe. 

Call for Artists: Big Joy!

No gift is as meaningful as one which reflects the person who receives it.  
No gift is as personal as that which was made by creative hands. 

Pom Pom's Teahouse and Sandwicheria, St. Pete invites Tampa Bay artists to submit entries for its upcoming exhibit Big Joy!  Artists may submit up to 5 quality images (at least 500x500 and no larger than 1000x1000 pixels) of available small works. Each entry should measure no smaller than 8" x 8" and no larger than 16" x 20".  All work must be properly wired and ready to hang on a display system upon delivery (no sawtooth hangers, wire only, please).
Big Joy! will run from December 5th through the month of January, 2016. Commission split is 25%, with 75% to the artist. Please submit images along with Title/Medium/Size info for each to: jgascot@gascot.com
Submission deadline: Friday, November 25.
Acceptance emails will be sent by Monday, November 28. 
All accepted works must be delivered on Sunday, December 4, 5:00 pm.
An opening reception for this exhibit will be held on Saturday, December 10, 6-9pm during St. Pete's Second Saturday Art Walk.

If you wish to receive email notifications about future artist calls or if you are submitting for this one please join the Artist Call email list via the link below:

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

American Family

American Family, acrylic and ink on canvas, 16" x 20"

This painting, from my "Se Habla Espanol" solo exhibit reflects on the changing face of the American family and the blurring of cultural lines in modern US society. It is available from my Etsy store.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Frida del Mar/Frida of the Sea

Frida del Mar, acrylic and ink on canvas, 12" x 24"

This painting, from my solo exhibit Se Habla Español includes Latin iconography as well as recurring symbols of healing throughout my work such as water, sea (seashell) and the lotus. She is currently available from my Latin Pop Shop online store.