Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let's Talk Drag!

So at long last something halfway interesting had to happen this season on Project Runway and after weeks of kneeling bedside and saying my Gypsies Tramps and Thieves like a good little gay...Cher finally answered my prayers by way of this week's Drag Queen Challenge.

Praise her! Hallelujah!
uiogwhopfm;!!! sghsnlkm;oki ahallla! <---typing in tongues! This challenge was right up my alley and I watched carefully with an especially critical and extra bitchy eye at what the designers put forth. Why the extra dose of bitchy, you ask? Oh, did I never mention I'm a former drag queen??? Who would've thought that the straight guy would take this one?! And deservedly so! Varla Jean Merman is one of my faaaaaaaavoritest (yes I know that's not a word) queens on the face of the earth. (I recommend that everyone go out and get a brilliantly hilarious little movie called "Girls Will be Girls" if you're not already familiar with her work. Warning: It's not for the easily offended!).
Joe understood what Varla is about. He listened and created a look that is not only outrageous...but utterly her! You go, straight dude!

My penis is numb!

Korto was a close second, in my opinion. She really captured Sweetie's larger-than-life bawdiness. I almost wasn't sure which of the two designers was gonna take today's prize.

I will eat you alive.

This Week's Tragedies:

I can almost hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing Keith's name.
They're coming for you man... ENOUGH with the fuckin' shredding!!!

Holy Sham-Wow Batman! Is that drag queen wearing recycled rags???

Oh Danny Boy! I had such hopes for you.
You were the third gayest designer (second place is a tie between Blaine and Jerrell, first place goes to bi-tee-hee-sexual queen, Suede) on the show and when faced with the task of making a fabulous drag queen costume you gave us a pretty dress a biological female might wear to a fancy-ish beach wedding. You're not even butch-gay, how could you be that far off the mark on a drag-challenge???
I just don't get it. Buh-bye!

I feel fresh and confident thanks to Summer's Eve!

PS. Y'all didn't think I'd send you off without draggin' (pun totally intended) everyone down Sequin Memory Lane with me, did ya???

Ladies and Gents...Ms. Demeanor!

Old publicity photo

Feelin' hot, hot, hot! On stage.

Last appearance: Halloween party '05


David Dust said...

Thank you very much for praying to Cher and getting us this fabulous episode.

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Tivo Mom said...

Loved your comments. Varla Jean looks like fun and I am glad that she was so completely hot on the runway. My goodness you were (probably still are) pretty. So right about RuPaul. Just scary.

John G. said...

Thanks for visiting Tivo Mom.
I didn't think Ru looked scary, but I did think something about his appearance was definitely "not the same". There's many factors to which this could be attributed so I wouldn't dare speculate. But above and beyond any of them I did strongly dislike the "look" he was sporting (the disheveled hair particularly) and as arguably the most successful drag artist in pop culture history, Heidi's intro was a bit lacking.

I'm as big a Ru fan (probably bigger!) today than I was when he first came out. And having met and spoken with him on a few occasions, I can say from experience that he is not only entertaining, but genuine and inspiring!

Anonymous said...

RuPaul and I lived in the East Village when he was first making the scene there. I used to see him out of drag roller skating. I finally was introduced to him when I was on The Gay Dating Game Show.

Wig Stock was Fabulously Fun!