Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Friends Know Me All Too Well

Purple Trekkie hit me with this bit of wisdom today:

It's not like I've ever linked someone by the wrong name or anything.
Just ask Martha "Walsh" Marshall!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Meet Bogart!

As y'all know we've recently lost our irreplaceable boy Orion.
He left an awful void in our home. Lola, our Basset Hound has missed him terribly. She's always had playmates in the house. When we adopted her 2 years ago she joined Orion and Roxy (our St. Bernard, whom we lost only months before Orion).

We always knew we would adopt another dog (we will always be a multiple-dog home). The change in Lola (and us) prompted us to do so sooner rather than later.

We settled on another St. Bernard. We spent a long Saturday morning at the St. Bernard Rescue Foundation with Lola meeting and greeting with some possible new companions.

Bogart stole our hearts.
He's 4 and he's BIG. He's gotta be about 120lb at the moment.
Right now Lola is still being fussy and bitchy, letting him know she is the queen of this castle (well, princess...I'M the Queen!).
Last night, he got comfy enough to come back at her and want to play, which made her go OH SHIT, this son-of-a-bitch is BIG!!! so she got a little scared of him, poor thing.
But they're adjusting, they can hang in the same room without killing each other and they go for walks and do so very well side by side.
It's just gonna take a few weeks for them to fully gel together as "siblings".

Here's looking at you, kid.

He came with that name and we think it fits him so we're gonna keep it.
We've already found ourselves nicknaming him things like Bogie and Booger.

Awards or Chain Letters?

Image: Vikki North of The Red Chair Gallery

An interesting discussion/movement is taking place regarding Blog Awards.

When I started blogging I would see these awards and hope that eventually enough folk enjoyed my blog so that one day I might start receiving some of my own.

Then I started to catch on.

I guess the only sort of award I could see having some merit at this point would be something that would be given by a larger entity (an artist site or a gay life site for example or something pertaining to what one’s blog might be about) and the award should not be something one is required to pass on.

I have to agree with my blog-friend Martha Marshall, I think our blogrolls speak for themselves.

“I don’t care to win awards.”
D.M.S.R -Prince

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fierce Fridays!

Gorgeous, Ferocious, Delicious, Incomparable!

The one and only GRACE JONES!

New Video "Corporate Cannibal":

This is one of the most beautiful and brilliant videos I can remember seeing in a long long time.
Every frame inspires a painting (I need to get my sketch pad!).

Her new album, "Hurricane" releases October 27th, though possibly not in North America at that time.

***I'd like to take a moment to remind my dear friend Melissa in London, that I love her and would gladly recompense her for picking this up for me, should I have trouble doing so in the states.

And this was actually posted on a Friday, would you look at that?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tuck, and Roll With It

I'm sad that ANTM's first-ever tranny contestant was sent packing last night.
As much as I enjoyed the greater picture of Isis being there, I do think it was a fair decision on the part of the judges.
She faded quickly, letting her fear of bathing suit challenges (for obvious reasons) get the better of her. Two in a row delivered a fatal blow from which she didn't really stand a chance of bouncing back. Ironically this challenge was all about the eyes.

If Isis wishes to continue modeling, she will have to learn to just "roll with it". Chances are (if she's still pre-op) her client will know her situation and allow for necessary "adjustments". Due to her body type, I seriously doubt she would be booked for many swimwear jobs anyway.

But Tyra opened an important door when she included Isis in this competition. I guarantee thousands of young transgendered women will be lining up at ANTM casting calls for years to come. Let us not forget, that it took 5 (I think) tries and 10 cycles to get a plus-sized winner. These things don't happen overnight. There will probably be a transgendered winner if the show runs long enough...I predict she will be post-op, however.

Good luck Miss Isis!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I've Got the Music Not-Quite in Me!

Well ladies and gents...the disappointments continue.
To say that the creations to come out of this season's challenges have been underwhelming would be an understatement.
This week's challenge: Design a look for a fellow designer...with a music theme. I'm still not sure why it couldn't just be Music Theme Week using the models, but...ok. The poor models are going home two and three at a time and they've barely been on the runway! LOL!
The tears they shed on their way off the runway are not for the competition. They're for every meal they've skipped and purged...for no reason at all. Boo-hoo.

The week's winning design, "Punk", was Korto's, who dealt gracefully with a double whammy: menswear and a design aesthetic foreign to her.

Suede says: Suede going home makes Suede sad.

Jerrell portrayed "Pop" successfully, creating a Pussycat Doll-ish look that was revealing and flattering on Kenley. Unfortunately it didn't hide her sudden ugly bitchiness.

Bitchy Spears!

Suede designed " Rock". His efforts were deemed too subtle and he was sent home. I was surprised, since what Kenley produced was downright laughable. My guess would be that part of the judge's decision, at a point so close to the final 3, was based on their overall performance on the show this far.

Jerrell...before and after.

Tragedies of the Week:

Poor, poor Korto was made to prance the runway looking like a Dollywood Poodle.


Kenley's attempt at Hip Hop Goddess fell terribly short!

Yo-yo-yo! I drive a minivan, shop at the mall and can't find my crotch in these pants.

It wasn't all bad this week. At least there were some laughs to be had at Kenley's expense. The whole "if she thinks that's hip-hop, we're gonna let her think that's hip-hop" ordeal was actually quite funny.
Has she lost her mind? Did anyone catch her in the previews for next week where she snaps at La Klum??? "I wasn't going for elegance...HEIDI."
Heidi will have her killed, no doubt.

It's been a surprising season in more ways than one.
Most of the contestants have been less than impressive, serving up outfits that look home-made and downright cheap. The challenges themselves, at times have seemed uninspired.
Personalities have been surprising as well. Kenley, whom I loved at the very beginning (I still think her retro dresses are great), has turned into a bratty know-it-all. Jerrell, whom I could not stand, has not only proved himself a capable designer, but a genuinely nice person. It was very classy of him to stand by Suede's design (as he promised Suede in the work room he would).
And let us not forget lovely Stella.
When the show began, I thought she would grate my every nerve. Instead, I am keeping my fingers crossed that she walks away with the Fan Favorite Award when the reunion airs.

More Va-Va's

Va-Va-Voom! Girl (Bathing Beauties) "Tanya"

Va-Va-Voom! Girl "Vanity" (Re-worked)

Now that I'm narrowing the look for the Va-Va-Voom! Girls down, I'm re-visiting some of the earlier ones and making a few changes in order to harmonize the whole bunch.

Today's Painting Music:

Pussycat Dolls' "Doll Domination" (out yesterday)
Perfect for painting sassy curvy women!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Backyard Martini

Backyard Martini/8x10"


Diff'rent Strokes

I picked these up a few weeks ago at Tuesday Morning (of all places).

I don't know if this style of brush is old news to y'all, but I've never seen them before.
I imagine they might be found in the Crafts aisle of your AC Moore/Michael's. I normally only visit that aisle for paints and sometimes varnishes. I generally get my brushes from the brush display in the Fine Art side of the store.

I just had to get them. I'm looking forward to trying them out.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ANTM: Makeovers and Swim Suits

Most Improved: Samantha (That haircut is vicious!)

Simply beautiful.

Most Grateful For: Isis not poppin' her candy during the swim suit shoot!

No volleyball for me, thank you.

Shortest Project Runway Recap Ever!

This week, I have just one thing to say...

PS. Buh Bye, Joe. You were just too...

Margaret Ann...and friends

Va-Va-Voom! Girl/Bathing Beauty: Margaret Ann
10x30"/Acrylic on canvas

The Va-Va's continue to evolve.
I think I'm settling on going heavier with the POP impact (more outlines than shading).

Here's a Cleavage Painting (I have another pet-name that might get me in trouble for this possible series). I will file this one under Va-Va-Voom! Girls for now.

"Two Strands"/10x10"

I've also had some fun in the studio today with some silly, purely-pop images I plan to develop.

Martian with blond ponytail/10x10"
I'm considering doing a series of Alien paintings as kid (or kid-at-heart) art.

And then there's Tini...

Tini says.../8x10"

I need to play around with this one. I'm not thrilled with the piece (it's not even a "piece") but I am pretty excited about the idea. I was basically playing/thinking right on the canvas. I think I might do a "Tini and Friends" series. So far I know there will be a champagne flute (filled of course) named Bubbles and of course a sassy gal named Margarita. There will be either a six-pack or pitcher of beer (my friend Nicole suggested I name him Bud). Obviously this one won't be aimed at the kiddies. LOL!

I won't reveal my plans for Bloody Mary yet...I'll just say this:
The deeply religious might not like it.
I'm sketching some out some possibilities (might scan and post later this week).
This silliness, literally, all just came to me this afternoon.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The New Face of Covergirl!

Ellen Degeneres.

How freakin' cool is that?!
I didn't know they had it in them. Bravo!

What's next...a transgendered Tyra-protege spokesmodel?

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Not-so-Good Day...


Thank you for the love, the laughs and unyielding loyalty.

Thank you for the smooches and the big furry hugs.

We've been so fortunate to have you in our lives.

You will be terribly missed.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fierce Fridays! (On a Saturday)

I'm a day behind, what can I say?

Selene Luna
Selene currently appears in VH1's The Cho Show, as Margaret Cho's confidante and personal assistant. Don't let the side-kick role fool you, this spitfire performer/actor/model has garnered her own buzz and acclaim and is now crossing over from Hollywood's underground scene. Is the mainstream world ready for her?

Fierce because:
Just look at her!
But if I have to put it into words: Larger than life (ironic isn't it?) retro-glamour (yes, with a "u"!) and inspiring/contagious confidence.

Now, if only I could get the rest of my life to be only a day behind.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Women on Palin

Ran into this blog over at Martha's and found it quite poignant.

Women Against Sarah Palin

I am not a woman and certainly not a Republican, but I share these women's views and sentiments on Sarah Palin being named the Republican VP candidate. In my less-than-humble opinion, the choice is a downright insult to all Americans.

Scroll down in their blog for their Original Call to Action.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Kid Could Paint That

See it.

ANTM Week 2: Hooch-n-Tranny

Week 2 and already plenty of drama.

I guess it's to be expected when you throw together a transitioning transgendered person and small town mentalities into close quarters. It was nice to see Isis and Analeigh bond a bit. The scene where she was distracting Isis during her hormone treatment was actually quite sweet.

Sheena's fake breast denial/confession was an interesting turn of events.
Unfortunately I'm still seeing Sheena as more Maxim than Vogue. Her ability to hold on steadily to the rope ladder without using her hands during the shoot only reinforced this.

And speaking of the shoot, Lauren ROCKED it!


I felt somewhat bad for Nikeysha. She's clearly a mess, but seems genuinely sweet.
I just hope she eats something.

Whitney Thompson's "My Life as a Covergirl" commercials are the best of any other winner so far. Just lovely.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Week of Tragedy

This week's Project Runway was, for me, the most disappointing to date.

Does this group of "designers" possess the ability to create under pressure...let alone sew a decent garment??? With the possible exception of one or two, they seem to be, by far, the weakest contestants the series has put forth.

This week's "Zodiac" challenge brought back the previous weeks' cast-offs. The only one I was glad to see return was Stella, who I hope. when all is said and done, ends up winning the "Audience Favorite" award.

Jerrell was the winner and I would bet anything that it was the skirt that made the difference (the hip panels, specifically). Still, the choice of fabrics and patterns were awful.

The winning mess.

Kenley (one of the few I still have some sort of hope for) managed to remain safe, but further cemented her reputation as nuts by serving a bit of "talk-back" to both Heidi (at the planetarium) and Nina Garcia (on the runway).

I'm saddened and confused too.

In the end Terri (who proved herself a major bitch this week...wow) and Blayne were justly sent home.

Leoooooooh no!

Parachuting accident!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The"Better Late than Never " Model Post

Ok so I FINALLY got a chance to watch the full premier.

Wow, the way some of those girls treated Isis really saddened me. I so often (wrongly) assume that girls (especially young ones) are automatically so much more accepting of "alternative" people and situations.
You have to laugh (or worry) about the conversation that took place poolside, where the one girl ( I believe it was Clark) says to the other something to the effect of: "I don't look at it as being ignorant. We just come from a traditional background." The heckling of Isis during her shot was probably one of the saddest moments of all 11 cycles. Isis, however, proved herself a true lady, and remaining focused, snatched second place!

My "Early Pick" Top 5:

Marjorie (VERY Agnes Deyn, one of the current top "it" girls in the industry)

Isis (Her knowledge of light source and angles so far is impressive)

Elina (very Shalom Harlow)


The 5th spot is a toss up between Lauren and McKey.

Runner ups:

Samantha (I've never been a fan of the Brinkley/Tieg types, but there's potential there)

Sheena (purely on personality...so far). She does have a rockin body.

Clark must be destroyed!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Embarrassing Childhood Photos:

The Green Speedo

You can't handle my band-aid/floaty/fatty-in-a-speedo combo!

Embarrassing as this shot is, it actually captures one of my favorite childhood memories of my titi ("auntie", in Spanish). This day might as well have happened last week, that's how well and in detail I remember it.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Peaches & Herb Moment

Reunited...and it feels so good!

At long last!

Picking up right where we left off.

Last Night's Gang: (left to right) Melissa's fab cousin, Neil, my sexy hubby, Ron, my long lost sis, Mel, Moi and our dear friend, Nicole.

Melissa and I pose with poor Kevin, our bartender/victim.
He was a great sport.

Such a wonderful evening!

I love ya Melly girl!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pointer Sister Moment

I am so excited (and I just can't hide it!).

Tonight I am reuniting with my very bestest friend (more like a sister) from high school!!!

She lives mostly in London these days and is in DC for the weekend.

It's been 15 years.

I'm about to loose control and I think I like it...oh yeah!

Here's 9 minutes and 44 seconds of Pointer Sister gay day-glo ruffles

...just for shits and giggles.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fierce Fridays!

Tabatha Coffey:
Former "Shear Genius" contestant, now star of her own Bravo series "Tabatha's Salon Takeover"

Fierce because:
She's got incredible style and can make the word "fuck" sound downright classy.

...that is all.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dropping the Model Ball

Someone who shall remain nameless, who normally watches the show with me (:::cough, cough, Ron, cough:::) didn't feel like watching tonight. I figured, "no problem" since I had (or thought I did) the dvr all set to record last night's premier of Top Model.

Guess what? The little orange "R" was there, but it didn't record.
So I only caught the last 30 minutes of the show.

This means I did not see enough of the show to be even adequately bitchy.

I will briefly, then, focus on Isis, who everyone should know by now, is ANTM's first ever transgendered contestant.

I was thrilled to see her called second on her photo where she portrayed "privacy". I have great hopes that she will make it far in the competition, maybe even to the finale! I want her to go as far as she can (provided she continues to produce good photos, of course) because while it is groundbreaking that she is being included in the competition, I very much doubt Covergirl is ready for a transgendered spokesmodel representing their wholesome brand.
Not to mention the anticipated backlash over a tranny cover and spread possibly being discussed at Seventeen Magazine headquarters at this very moment. LOL!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm gonna miss that gin soaked "leatha" mess.
Was it me or did she actually look pretty in some shots tonight? In honor of her departure Imma do this blog thing backwards this week and begin with the low points.

The challenge this week: Design a look for Diane Von Furstenberg's Fall collection, using the classic film "A Foreign Affair" as inspiration.

Diane Von Furstenberg was divine.
Finally, a true fashion legend on the Guest Judge seat!

Tragedies of the Week:

While definitely bottom-two material, I didn't think Stella's look was the worst.

I vant to suck your blood-y mary...bwahahaha!

For me, No-Aesthetic-to-Speak-of Joe should've been the one to hit the road. His "Shanghai Surprise" (the hideous open back on the hideously costumey top) was a mess and all the mis-matched seaming was laughable. Heidi really got her rocks off pointing it out...you could totally tell.

I got this on sale at Party City!

Suede managed to make one of the prettiest remaining models (at times she resembles a young, sweeter-faced Naomi) plain and almost dumpy. Thankfully, he had no interactions with the dead this week, leaving the Crazy Spotlight to Kenley, who cried and cried while mumbling something about designing clothes for Walmart and Kmart. At least that's what I thought she said. The only clear thing to me was that she needed to be tranquilized.

I weigh 65 pounds. This dress makes me look 80!

This Week's Best:

Work it OUT Leeanne! Winning on immunity makes mousy little you FIERCE!
Her look was drop dead gorgeous! That front, that silhouette, those back ruffles!!!
This girl might just have this competition in the bag.

Chic and glamorous.

Crying Mess-of-the-week, Kenley's simple Shanghai dress was lovely and meticulously fitted, but not "enough" for the judges.

Bang a Gong! Shanghai Modern.

Korto (whose blank stare was a dead giveaway that she clearly had no clue who the sexy old lady coming down the stairs was during Von Furstenberg's intro) offered a truly delightful dress.

A fabulous flash of not-so-mellow-yellow.

Let's hear it for the boy!
While not top-3 material, Blayne seemed to step up his game this week, producing a look that, though not really Furstenberg, was actually polished and classy without loosing the young and hip aesthetic he claims to be his "thing". Well done.

Who would've thought?