Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lotus Flower

I just finished this painting of a lotus flower.
Normally an 8x10" original would be in the $100-150 range, but it seemed far more appropriate to price this one at $77.

Lotus Flower
Acrylic on canvas/8x10"

I also have prints available, but there are only 7 in this edition.
Each print costs. $31.21

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Abstract: Complete

Session 3 began with me deciding to lighten the beige areas on the right panel.
Technically there were more than 3 sessions, but I am not counting the times I just walked into the studio added a layer or touched something up and walked out.

After that, I added some details and marks.
I went back over some of the faded polka dots by hand instead of re-stenciling.

I also added some white curves to the lower left corner.
I very much like this detail shown below, and want to recreate it as a painting on its own.

Added thick black paint over some of the reds and scratched scribbles into it.
Then began placing some collage. I'm in love with code bars at the moment and these might become a recurring element in new abstracts to come.

I also introduced numbers and a few more bits of collage (painted cardboard strips) into the composition.
Here is panel one complete:

And panel 2:

I'm simply calling this one "321".
I will post pictures of it once framed and hung in Ron's office.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Abstract: Session 3

The evolution continues.

The left panel has been turned upside down and left and right have switched places.

Blue has decided to enter the picture.

More layers and washes of paint have gone down.

I'm now satisfied with the direction the piece is headed.
More to come!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Working Habits

I enjoy reading other artist blogs and taking inspiration from not just their work but their techniques. One of the subjects being discussed recently was how much planning goes into our process.
With abstracts I tend to work intuitively. Sometimes with a "design" aesthetic in mind (I picture the piece I'm trying to achieve in a certain environment). The most preparation that goes into my abstract work is choosing what colors I will start with or choosing whether it will be a mixed media piece including collage. The rest usually takes shapes as I go.

Straight Up, Two Olives
Acrylic on canvas/10x10"/Available

With my Latin Pop Work, I work in a more narrative manner. Usually I begin with a phrase, or back story or scene that has come into my head and just won't leave. These words might be my own or I might have heard them in a song or movie or even seen them on a sign somewhere. The composition and colors change as I go along, but I tend to always relate these to the "story" forming on the canvas. The preparation for this style of work usually includes a rough sketch, choosing a size canvas.

"The Singer and the Saxophonist" and "Acoustic Moonlight"
Acrylic on canvas/24x30" each/Sold

Thanks to Martha Marshall and Deirdre Abbotts for initiating this discussion!

Friday, March 19, 2010

New Abstract: Session 2

Now that the texture medium has dried I've begun building some layers.

I laid this metal sheet down (actually a BBQ grill liner) and pounced some black paint on it.

I saturated the pouncer pretty well and let the paint run under areas of the stencil. I will be adding layers as well as collage to this so I was not particularly concerned with creating a crisp pattern at this time.

I then flipped the stencil over and used a brayer to transfer some of the residue paint over onto the other canvas.

To be continued...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Call Me A Geek

...but I've been dying to do this since we got Latin Pop Shop up and running.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Inspiration Outing Pt2: Kathy Beynette

During my visit to Torpedo Factory, I wandered into Studio 7. Ok, "wander" is probably not the most accurate term. I've been to Studio 7 before. I'm drawn to it. The bold color and tongue-in-cheek whimsy that lives there is enough to make it a must every time I visit the factory.

Studio 7 is shared by Kathy Beynette, Tory Cowles and Sheep Jones. Each artist's distinct style works perfectly with those of the other two, creating an atmosphere in the space that is, simultaneously, energetic and harmonious.

As I browsed, I was greeted by Kathy Beynette, who like her work, immediately comes across as charming and confident. After a brief introduction she said, "I was just about to hang a new painting. Let me try it out on you first."
I happily agreed.
She looked over me, awaiting my reaction, as I took in the image and text (a song she wrote and even sang for me).
"Wow, " I said. "That's awesome. Strong."
"I'm gonna get in trouble, aren't I?" she asked, and we both laughed.
"Trouble is not always a bad thing." I answered.

The title of the piece is Mother's Day.
The focal image in the painting depicts a gun-wielding woman and a priest who seems to have run out of luck.

The opening verse reads:
When Tom came home
(he is my son)
and said what father McGee had done
I went out and bought a gun, gun, gun

Kathy is currently researching the proper organization with which to share the proceeds of this painting when it sells. She says it will be either a group that supports victims of child abuse or a group that works to expose the abuse of children by the church and subsequent coverups.

If you visit Torpedo Factory, be sure to stop by Studio 7 and check out Mother's Day in person.

Kathy Beynette with Mother's Day

Inspiration Outing: Pt 1

Yesterday was a gray and gloomy day.
I dedicated the day to soaking in some inspiration and headed to the gallery and boutique-lined streets of Old Town Alexandria.

There is no better way to recharge one's artistic batteries, than by seeing other creative folk at work or visiting an artful space.

The Torpedo Factory offers plenty of both. As the name suggests, this tremendous space was actually a torpedo factory many years ago. Located on the Potomac waterfront, it now houses six galleries, two workshops and eighty-two artist studios.

You guessed it: I would SO love some space there!
On my way home I stopped by the art supply store and treated myself to some supplies for a series of mixed media collage pieces I'm planning.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Adventures in Linocutting

I still have much to learn about linocutting. I tried my hand at another image (this one based on my Guitarrita paintings). While I am not completely unhappy with the block itself I am less than thrilled with the prints I pulled from it.

I was not successful at getting even results on the paper. The print pictured above was the best of the bunch. I don't know if my results have anything to do with the type of ink (water soluble) I'm using. Perhaps parts are beginning to dry quickly, creating the lighter spots. I don't think it has anything to do with the amount of ink (not using enough) because when I added more, the prints lacked definition and just looked...well...a mess.

The experiment continues...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

For Ron

I am working on a diptych for Ron's new office at work.

Session 1:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


While organizing the studio and getting rid of some excess papers I came across these old sketch book drawings of feet. I remember the day I drew these very clearly. We lived in Franklin Park NJ. The year was '97 or '98. We were sitting out in front of our condo. It was sunny and there was a slight breeze. I bet it was Spring.
I sketched while Mom read.



Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Soccer Mom Fever

We got a van yesterday. We've talked about the practicality of purchasing one for years (transporting paintings, impulsive trips to IKEA, taking a 140 lb St. Bernard to the vet, lots of visitors on the holidays) but always reverted to sportier cars, fearing a van would be some sort of nail in a coffin of impending suburban conformity.

Well, if you can't beat them...join 'em, right?
If we're gonna do this thing we're gonna do it right.
I just ordered these for Honey's (that's her name) back window:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Brushing off the Cobwebs

I am painting once again! Yay!

Starting up Latin Pop Shop has managed to keep me out of the studio for a few weeks, but that was to be expected. LPS is still in its early stages but I think I've reached a point where I can now set a clear(er) schedule that will allow me to split my time evenly (for the most part) between the two.