Monday, June 30, 2008

Painting Music:

Off to the studio I go in a few minutes, to make sure all is ready-to-go for hanging my show tomorrow and hopefully, if there's time, start on a new painting.

On today's playlist:

It's an International Male (not the awful clothing catalogue) Blue-eyed Soul kind of day.

A great talent, this guy is! And a breath of fresh air. "Little Bit of Feel Good" and "Green Light" are priceless.

I love anything Jamiroquai does, but I can't say enough about the quirky and sexy Prince-flavored "Electric Mistress"!!!

Ahhh...I get lost in this beautiful album! It was released in 2002 and, to my knowledge, there's been no further releases from Mr. Shand. What a shame.

Dear Big-Breasted 40-Something :

I know you thought you looked cute, with your sheer pastel green top, standing in line at Quizno's.
God bless you, my dear, but your large pendulous breasts were screaming for some sort of support. Everyone in the room heard them. As were your huge dark nipples for an extra layer of fabric and a shred of decency. Did you even bother to think that folks might be out to lunch with their children??? This is not the sort of "wardrobe malfunction" that happens by accident. You were clearly going for a "look".

While I'm being candid let me say that spaghetti straps are not your friend. Maybe once, like in high school or college. But there's a reason we eventually loose touch with many of those people. And desperately trying to hold on to friendships that weren't meant to last past our youth often brings about sad results.

The Guy Who Nearly Choked on his Turkey Cheddar Sub

Friday, June 27, 2008


After I post this entry I will be heading back into the studio to finish up work on my upcoming show, "Sueñitos". I'm hanging the show this coming Tuesday, so the remainder of today, tomorrow morning and Monday will be spent putting final touches on paintings and tying up loose ends like making sure all the pieces are wired, varnished and making labels. You know, the not-so-creative part of painting.

The Artist Reception is going to be an afternoon one on Sunday July 13th. I've only ever had evening receptions, but I'm looking forward to a daytime one, especially at a coffee house. It should be informal and laid back and a nice change of pace, as far as Artist Receptions go.

If you're reading this and are in the general DC/NOVA area, come on by!

A great weekend to all!

Art I'm Lovin':

"Fraction" by Phillip Vigil

What a wonderful piece! So electric and alive!

Ohhhbama, you bible distorter!

So, that gem of a man, James Dobson has accused Barack Obama of "deliberately distorting," biblical teachings to "fit his world view."


I guess distorting, omitting and downright re-writing the "Holy" book is only acceptable when used as a disenfranchising tool.

The nerve of Obama.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Trees!

I must thank my dear friend, fellow artist and partner in many-a-crime, Mike Trovato for creating this lovely portrait of me as beloved TV Painter and Instructor Bob Ross. Doesn't it make you just wanna get your hand caught in my afro? Very sexy indeed.

This was the image I had in my head when I chose a name for my blog. I thought it might be ironic, since I paint by no specific traditional or "taught" methods. Plus, who doesn't like Bob?
Bob Ross was a Rawk Star!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Painting Music:

On today's painting playlist:
As I continue to work on the "Va-Va-Voom! Girls", I'm keepin' the fun and frivolous pop music pumpin' in the studio. Yay, GIRL POWER!!!

Madonna's latest effort might be her best since "Music". I hardly remember any songs from "American Life" and I seldom play "Confessions on a Dancefloor" because, while it's got a good sound, to me it feels like variations on the same song.
I enjoy every song in "Hard Candy" with the exception of "Incredible" which feels kinda desperate and too "young" for her.

Still Gwen's best solo effort thus far. Stylish and fun.

Does God Care...???

About my email address book?

I received yet another religious chain email yesterday and wouldn't you know it...I accidentally (tee-hee!) hit "Reply All" with a few words. The person sending me these emails is a friend's mom. I know she means no harm. A lot of good-hearted people see words like "GOD" and "BLESSINGS" on something and they pass it on to you blindly, almost like they're wishing you well. But I've made it clear that I am not religious (for a million obvious reasons) and the forwards keep on coming.

The way I see it, if they end up in my inbox, I have a right to reply, expressing my own take on these little "gems".

This particular one is titled...yep, you guessed it: "GOD" (you have to admire the originality of the folk who come up with these things). I won't post the full content here but the gist of it is this: We are so willing to pass on emails about jokes and naughty things, but we don't pass on religious chain letters (though they don't call them that) with the same enthusiasm because we are ASHAMED of God.

And if you are ashamed of God, God is ashamed of you! (because apparently he's just as bitchy we are)

The lovely email closes with the following:

"I pray, for everyone who sends this to their entire address book, they will be blessed by God in a way special for them"

You gotta send it to ALL of your address book if you want that "special" blessing!
It's all or nothing!
Or maybe if you send it to only three people, you get a small "average" blessing like finding a nickel on the sidewalk.

Who writes this stuff???

Not forwarding Religious Chain Letters has nothing to do with being ashamed of God and everything to do with respecting the fact that not everyone has the same beliefs.

I'm so glad I choose to worship less-demanding gods.

Oh! And while we're on the subject...

Does Jesus really care about CARPET???
Shot locally:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Things I Can't Get Out of My Head:

Last week I started working on a new series: "Va-Va-Voom! Girls".
It is inspired by paper and fashion dolls.

More to come...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Painting Music

Currently on my painting playlist:

Adele offers a fresh and beautiful departure from Amy Winehouse (whom I still love!) on the British soul frontier.

Where the hell has this girl been since her debut way back when??? It was well worth the wait! This is perfect Pop/Electronic/Dance bliss. An album I can put on repeat and not get sick of.

I'm still getting aquainted with Katy Perry's "One of the Boys", but I like most of what I hear so far. "I Kissed a Girl" is one of the cleverest songs in a long time. It should get the teen boys all hot n' bothered and the girls feelin' like they're bad-ass. LOL! What more do you need to sell records? Oh yeah, throw in the Gays and KA-CHING!!!

Self-indulgent Bastid!

So I guess something...anything, needs to be written and posted to get the blog ball rollin', right?
It seems a bit ironic that I don't really know what to say, when the whole point of me starting this blog is that generally I have almost-too-much to say about pretty much anything.

The whole idea of writing a blog was suggested to me by friends who have been subjected to my rantings and ravings on other sites. At first I was hesitant. I thought publishing a blog would seem so self-indulgent. Then I said "Fuck it! Why not???" (I must also warn you with this very first post that I can be quite potty-mouthed), Those who already know me are very familiar with my "colorful" language and I can picture every single one of them rolling their eyes as they read this disclaimer. QUIT IT!!!

Once I started thinking about the possibilities of reaching new audiences for my artwork by way of blogging, I grew more and more enamored with the idea. This blog will allow me to share my creative process, letting readers and collectors, hopefully, connect with my work in a way they hadn't before. It will also give me an excuse to bitch, moan and praise on some trivial stuff.

Wow...this blogging stuff really is pretty self-indulgent.

Ah well, enjoy!