Friday, July 26, 2013


Justicia/ acrylic on canvas/ 15x30"
This painting is available directly from my studio or Latin Pop Shop on Etsy.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Faithful/ acrylic on canvas/ 18x24"
This painting is available directly from my studio or Latin Pop Shop on Etsy.
Limited edition prints are also available.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Believer/ acrylic on canvas/ 18x24"
This piece was inspired by Christians who have stood alongside and openly supported the LGBT community in their struggle for equality. My intent was to portray a person who has found true joy and peace in their faith, rather than the tools with which to judge others. 

This painting is available directly from my studio or Latin Pop Shop on Etsy.
It is also available as limited edition prints.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Upcoming Art Project: Honoring the Trans Journey

It has been my experience that the best way to get started with most projects is to just do them and allow yourself room for error and evolution. Today, with this post I take the first step towards beginning a new project that has been in the back of my mind for quite some time.

For the past two years I have organized 4 Equality: A Show of Pride. This annual all-inclusive (participating artists need not be LGBT) explores themes of Pride and Equality and in just two short years has shown great growth potential and continues to evolve. I look forward to next year when the show will shift to a national juried exhibit format. 

For a long time, probably before 4 Equality was conceptualized, I've had a growing desire to artistically explore the journey of our Trans sisters and brothers. As a former female impersonator in the NJ/PA area I formed quite a few friendships and entertained crowds alongside many Trans women. I have always admired the strength  and character it takes to walk in their shoes. Those journeys are seldom honored.

Among the things I hope to accomplish with this series is to gain and share insight into the life journeys of trans individuals. I want to show diversity within a community often stereotyped and misconceived. I also hope to engage exhibit visitors and followers of this project to a point at which differences start to fall aside and the viewer begins to focus on the similarities between themselves and those in the portraits.

At this moment I could not predict exactly what the final exhibit for this project will look like or how long it will take to complete (I'd like for it to be an ongoing project), but my initial vision is one of colorful portraits, executed in non-traditional style and composition, and rather narrative in nature. Portraits of individuals in settings and situations that speak of their unique journey and portray them in an honorable light. I would like to begin by opening the lines of communication with individuals who wish to participate (conversations/interviews/email exchanges). I would like to photograph and perhaps film (as there could be a video installation element to the final project) participants at home, work or social settings...places or spaces that hold meaning to them. These collected images will serve as reference material for the paintings I will create.

I plan for the initial phase of this project to consist of ten 30" x 40" paintings. I will exhibit these as a body of work in January 2014 in our studio/gallery in Old Town, Alexandria. I'd like to grow the exhibit and take it to larger venues. As an independent artist I work, naturally, on a tight budget, but hope that the completion of this phase of the project might qualify me for some art fellowships/grants so that I may continue to expand on it. I would love to be afforded the opportunity to travel to different cities and paint about the unique journeys of trans individuals in those areas.

I hope this gives you a clear idea of where I'm headed with the project.

If you know anyone, particularly (but not exlusively) in the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) area who might be interested in being a part of this project as either a participant or supporter, please don't hesitate pass this on. 
I can always be contacted directly at

Here we go.


Justice/ acrylic on canvas/ 18x24"
This painting is available directly from my studio or from Latin Pop Shop on Etsy.
Prints are also available.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Night Swim

Night Swim/ acrylic on canvas/ 24" x 30"
This painting is available directly from my studio or Latin Pop Shop on Etsy.