Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Support My LGBTQ Youth Expressive Art Program

I am an artist.
I am also a gay man. An OUT gay man. A married-to-another-guy out gay man.  A very FORTUNATE and GRATEFUL man.

As a kid I never dreamed I might be able to say those words. While we've come a long way in matters of LGBTQ awareness, tolerance and equality the sad reality is that we've not come nearly far enough. There are kids today who still cannot imagine saying those words. LGBTQ youth is still subject to ridicule, bullying and descrimination. 
As an artist and adult human member of the LGBTQ community I feel it is my responsibility to reach out and give back in the best way I know how...through art. Art saved and shaped my life and I believe it can do the same for others. It facilitates expression, confidence and self-esteem. The workshops provide a safe environment for creative social interaction and sharing.
I am volunteering my time to create an ongoing LGBTQ Youth Expressive Art Program (at NO COST to participants). I offer creative workshop sessions via a variety of venues which are easily accessible to participants. The program launches with my first workshop on 11/14/2016. In this early stage I am not only volunteering time but taking on the expense of art and creative materials as well. That is where you come in. 
I am just one guy doing his best to do his community and the world-at-large a solid. I too have pressing bills and other matters which demand my time, but believe passionately that investing in our youth sets into motion a whirlwind of positive change.
Your support will help provide materials like canvas, papers, paints, brushes and more. These are the tools which will empower the participants in my program. These are the tools with which they will grow, express...and conquer. 
Here I spell this wish out with utmost gratitude and set it out into the world with the great hope that it will raise the funds that will allow me to run this Expressive Arts program for its first year (now through the 2017 calendar year). 
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Creativity and Kindness,
John Gascot

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