Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Week of Tragedy

This week's Project Runway was, for me, the most disappointing to date.

Does this group of "designers" possess the ability to create under pressure...let alone sew a decent garment??? With the possible exception of one or two, they seem to be, by far, the weakest contestants the series has put forth.

This week's "Zodiac" challenge brought back the previous weeks' cast-offs. The only one I was glad to see return was Stella, who I hope. when all is said and done, ends up winning the "Audience Favorite" award.

Jerrell was the winner and I would bet anything that it was the skirt that made the difference (the hip panels, specifically). Still, the choice of fabrics and patterns were awful.

The winning mess.

Kenley (one of the few I still have some sort of hope for) managed to remain safe, but further cemented her reputation as nuts by serving a bit of "talk-back" to both Heidi (at the planetarium) and Nina Garcia (on the runway).

I'm saddened and confused too.

In the end Terri (who proved herself a major bitch this and Blayne were justly sent home.

Leoooooooh no!

Parachuting accident!

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