Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tuck, and Roll With It

I'm sad that ANTM's first-ever tranny contestant was sent packing last night.
As much as I enjoyed the greater picture of Isis being there, I do think it was a fair decision on the part of the judges.
She faded quickly, letting her fear of bathing suit challenges (for obvious reasons) get the better of her. Two in a row delivered a fatal blow from which she didn't really stand a chance of bouncing back. Ironically this challenge was all about the eyes.

If Isis wishes to continue modeling, she will have to learn to just "roll with it". Chances are (if she's still pre-op) her client will know her situation and allow for necessary "adjustments". Due to her body type, I seriously doubt she would be booked for many swimwear jobs anyway.

But Tyra opened an important door when she included Isis in this competition. I guarantee thousands of young transgendered women will be lining up at ANTM casting calls for years to come. Let us not forget, that it took 5 (I think) tries and 10 cycles to get a plus-sized winner. These things don't happen overnight. There will probably be a transgendered winner if the show runs long enough...I predict she will be post-op, however.

Good luck Miss Isis!

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CJ said...

I felt bad for Isis. Although I can see why she was the next to go. I thought the water shoot was a cool idea.