Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm in...again!

I met my submission deadline yesterday and the verdict is in...I'm in.

I don't usually seek out co-ops. Perhaps wrongly so, I've always felt there was a certain degree of unnecessary cliquishness associated with them (based on the ones I was familiar with).
We owned and ran one some years back, but did so a bit differently. While the artists we represented held memberships, there were no meetings or sittings involved. We did all of the work (including monthly receptions, classes and events) for them. This is the first time I've ventured into a cooperative situation as an applicant. All of the other galleries that represent my work are individually owned and run.

So what happened to all my cynicism?
I'm not really sure. Something about this cute little Chesapeake bay beach town and the way Artworks@7th sits right across the street from the public beach and boardwalk...felt right.

Not to mention that I've been wanting to do some old-fashioned-with-a-twist beach scenes for some time now and at long last, I have no excuse to put the series off any longer.


Martha Marshall said...

Good luck with the new gallery. Sounds fabulous!!

John G. said...

Thank you, Martha.

CJ said...

Congrats John! That's great! Sending you best wishes and good with this.

John G. said...

Thanks so much CJ.