Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The"Better Late than Never " Model Post

Ok so I FINALLY got a chance to watch the full premier.

Wow, the way some of those girls treated Isis really saddened me. I so often (wrongly) assume that girls (especially young ones) are automatically so much more accepting of "alternative" people and situations.
You have to laugh (or worry) about the conversation that took place poolside, where the one girl ( I believe it was Clark) says to the other something to the effect of: "I don't look at it as being ignorant. We just come from a traditional background." The heckling of Isis during her shot was probably one of the saddest moments of all 11 cycles. Isis, however, proved herself a true lady, and remaining focused, snatched second place!

My "Early Pick" Top 5:

Marjorie (VERY Agnes Deyn, one of the current top "it" girls in the industry)

Isis (Her knowledge of light source and angles so far is impressive)

Elina (very Shalom Harlow)


The 5th spot is a toss up between Lauren and McKey.

Runner ups:

Samantha (I've never been a fan of the Brinkley/Tieg types, but there's potential there)

Sheena (purely on personality...so far). She does have a rockin body.

Clark must be destroyed!

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