Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Margaret Ann...and friends

Va-Va-Voom! Girl/Bathing Beauty: Margaret Ann
10x30"/Acrylic on canvas

The Va-Va's continue to evolve.
I think I'm settling on going heavier with the POP impact (more outlines than shading).

Here's a Cleavage Painting (I have another pet-name that might get me in trouble for this possible series). I will file this one under Va-Va-Voom! Girls for now.

"Two Strands"/10x10"

I've also had some fun in the studio today with some silly, purely-pop images I plan to develop.

Martian with blond ponytail/10x10"
I'm considering doing a series of Alien paintings as kid (or kid-at-heart) art.

And then there's Tini...

Tini says.../8x10"

I need to play around with this one. I'm not thrilled with the piece (it's not even a "piece") but I am pretty excited about the idea. I was basically playing/thinking right on the canvas. I think I might do a "Tini and Friends" series. So far I know there will be a champagne flute (filled of course) named Bubbles and of course a sassy gal named Margarita. There will be either a six-pack or pitcher of beer (my friend Nicole suggested I name him Bud). Obviously this one won't be aimed at the kiddies. LOL!

I won't reveal my plans for Bloody Mary yet...I'll just say this:
The deeply religious might not like it.
I'm sketching some out some possibilities (might scan and post later this week).
This silliness, literally, all just came to me this afternoon.


PurpleTrekkie said...

yay!! aliens!!!

CJ said...

These are great John! I am loving Tini!

John G. said...

Thanks CJ. I must say you did come to mind when the idea struck me, LOL! Tini (and his future friends) need a lot of work, but I do think of the idea can come some great irreverent fun.