Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm gonna miss that gin soaked "leatha" mess.
Was it me or did she actually look pretty in some shots tonight? In honor of her departure Imma do this blog thing backwards this week and begin with the low points.

The challenge this week: Design a look for Diane Von Furstenberg's Fall collection, using the classic film "A Foreign Affair" as inspiration.

Diane Von Furstenberg was divine.
Finally, a true fashion legend on the Guest Judge seat!

Tragedies of the Week:

While definitely bottom-two material, I didn't think Stella's look was the worst.

I vant to suck your blood-y mary...bwahahaha!

For me, No-Aesthetic-to-Speak-of Joe should've been the one to hit the road. His "Shanghai Surprise" (the hideous open back on the hideously costumey top) was a mess and all the mis-matched seaming was laughable. Heidi really got her rocks off pointing it could totally tell.

I got this on sale at Party City!

Suede managed to make one of the prettiest remaining models (at times she resembles a young, sweeter-faced Naomi) plain and almost dumpy. Thankfully, he had no interactions with the dead this week, leaving the Crazy Spotlight to Kenley, who cried and cried while mumbling something about designing clothes for Walmart and Kmart. At least that's what I thought she said. The only clear thing to me was that she needed to be tranquilized.

I weigh 65 pounds. This dress makes me look 80!

This Week's Best:

Work it OUT Leeanne! Winning on immunity makes mousy little you FIERCE!
Her look was drop dead gorgeous! That front, that silhouette, those back ruffles!!!
This girl might just have this competition in the bag.

Chic and glamorous.

Crying Mess-of-the-week, Kenley's simple Shanghai dress was lovely and meticulously fitted, but not "enough" for the judges.

Bang a Gong! Shanghai Modern.

Korto (whose blank stare was a dead giveaway that she clearly had no clue who the sexy old lady coming down the stairs was during Von Furstenberg's intro) offered a truly delightful dress.

A fabulous flash of not-so-mellow-yellow.

Let's hear it for the boy!
While not top-3 material, Blayne seemed to step up his game this week, producing a look that, though not really Furstenberg, was actually polished and classy without loosing the young and hip aesthetic he claims to be his "thing". Well done.

Who would've thought?

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