Sunday, September 28, 2008

Awards or Chain Letters?

Image: Vikki North of The Red Chair Gallery

An interesting discussion/movement is taking place regarding Blog Awards.

When I started blogging I would see these awards and hope that eventually enough folk enjoyed my blog so that one day I might start receiving some of my own.

Then I started to catch on.

I guess the only sort of award I could see having some merit at this point would be something that would be given by a larger entity (an artist site or a gay life site for example or something pertaining to what one’s blog might be about) and the award should not be something one is required to pass on.

I have to agree with my blog-friend Martha Marshall, I think our blogrolls speak for themselves.

“I don’t care to win awards.”
D.M.S.R -Prince


redchair said...

Hi John,
Had to check you out and boy was I surprised! I think my little boycott man may have a life ahead of him yet.

I’m anxious to see the responses you get. One writer told me that she didn’t agree, just having received a couple awards that same day herself. Within an hour she wrote back, and said she changed her mind- I was right. To funny.

Great blog,

John G. said...

I do believe boycott man might just take off yet.

Thank you Vikki, I really enjoy your blog as well (have visited a few times in the past), I do believe I might "award" it by adding it to my blogroll LOL!.

Martha Marshall said...

Thanks for the mention, John! Vikki has really started something.

Martha Walsh - hee hee!! I do know a Marty Walsh, a wonderful artist by the way. Don't know if you've seen her work but you should check it out.

John G. said...

OMG Martha! I can't believe I wrote Walsh. I did use to know a Martha Walsh. This is what happens when you've not slept and blog while doing two other things (one being keeping two dogs from eating each other). We had a big big weekend, see today's post.

I fixed your name and smacked myself on the forehead for the faux-pas.