Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I've Got the Music Not-Quite in Me!

Well ladies and gents...the disappointments continue.
To say that the creations to come out of this season's challenges have been underwhelming would be an understatement.
This week's challenge: Design a look for a fellow designer...with a music theme. I'm still not sure why it couldn't just be Music Theme Week using the models, but...ok. The poor models are going home two and three at a time and they've barely been on the runway! LOL!
The tears they shed on their way off the runway are not for the competition. They're for every meal they've skipped and purged...for no reason at all. Boo-hoo.

The week's winning design, "Punk", was Korto's, who dealt gracefully with a double whammy: menswear and a design aesthetic foreign to her.

Suede says: Suede going home makes Suede sad.

Jerrell portrayed "Pop" successfully, creating a Pussycat Doll-ish look that was revealing and flattering on Kenley. Unfortunately it didn't hide her sudden ugly bitchiness.

Bitchy Spears!

Suede designed " Rock". His efforts were deemed too subtle and he was sent home. I was surprised, since what Kenley produced was downright laughable. My guess would be that part of the judge's decision, at a point so close to the final 3, was based on their overall performance on the show this far.

Jerrell...before and after.

Tragedies of the Week:

Poor, poor Korto was made to prance the runway looking like a Dollywood Poodle.


Kenley's attempt at Hip Hop Goddess fell terribly short!

Yo-yo-yo! I drive a minivan, shop at the mall and can't find my crotch in these pants.

It wasn't all bad this week. At least there were some laughs to be had at Kenley's expense. The whole "if she thinks that's hip-hop, we're gonna let her think that's hip-hop" ordeal was actually quite funny.
Has she lost her mind? Did anyone catch her in the previews for next week where she snaps at La Klum??? "I wasn't going for elegance...HEIDI."
Heidi will have her killed, no doubt.

It's been a surprising season in more ways than one.
Most of the contestants have been less than impressive, serving up outfits that look home-made and downright cheap. The challenges themselves, at times have seemed uninspired.
Personalities have been surprising as well. Kenley, whom I loved at the very beginning (I still think her retro dresses are great), has turned into a bratty know-it-all. Jerrell, whom I could not stand, has not only proved himself a capable designer, but a genuinely nice person. It was very classy of him to stand by Suede's design (as he promised Suede in the work room he would).
And let us not forget lovely Stella.
When the show began, I thought she would grate my every nerve. Instead, I am keeping my fingers crossed that she walks away with the Fan Favorite Award when the reunion airs.

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