Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dropping the Model Ball

Someone who shall remain nameless, who normally watches the show with me (:::cough, cough, Ron, cough:::) didn't feel like watching tonight. I figured, "no problem" since I had (or thought I did) the dvr all set to record last night's premier of Top Model.

Guess what? The little orange "R" was there, but it didn't record.
So I only caught the last 30 minutes of the show.

This means I did not see enough of the show to be even adequately bitchy.

I will briefly, then, focus on Isis, who everyone should know by now, is ANTM's first ever transgendered contestant.

I was thrilled to see her called second on her photo where she portrayed "privacy". I have great hopes that she will make it far in the competition, maybe even to the finale! I want her to go as far as she can (provided she continues to produce good photos, of course) because while it is groundbreaking that she is being included in the competition, I very much doubt Covergirl is ready for a transgendered spokesmodel representing their wholesome brand.
Not to mention the anticipated backlash over a tranny cover and spread possibly being discussed at Seventeen Magazine headquarters at this very moment. LOL!

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CJ said...

I saw the whole 2 hours. Love ANTM. Anyway, I liked Isis and thought she photographed well. I think she is going to have a hard time in the house however, as some of the other girls seemed a little uncomfortable with her. And I agree, not sure if mainstream Covergirl is ready for a transgendered person just yet. Looking forward to your future comments on the show.