Friday, September 4, 2009

We Interrupt This Project Runway Re-cap...

with a few words about this week's Models of the Runway:
Well DAMN if Fatma didn't go ahead and get her ass picked by the Vagina Monologues lady! HA!
She's a total bitch (or perhaps "misunderstood", tee-hee) but you gotta love that shit!

Evil Fatma

Vagina Monologues Lady Designer

If I was one of the designers I'd be fighting for Kojii (my personal favorite) or Celine!

Goddess Kojii

Gorgeous Celine

This week's Project Runway challenge was about surfing. Bo-ring! You wouldn't have Beach Blanket Project Runway had the show stayed put in NYC. Someone must have come to their senses so they threw in an avant-gard look into the mix of things. Because everyone knows surfing and avant-gard go hand in hand.

In the end Ra'mon was picked the winner (deservedly so) and Mitchell was sent packing, as expected. Wow...wasn't that exciting? Here's hoping for a better challenge next week!

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