Friday, September 18, 2009

Fierce Fridays: The Beauty of Dark Skin

With models of color missing from the pages of high profile fashion magazines once more, and luxury brands dropping or refusing to use models of color in their campaigns (Allegedly due to the recession. Lame!) it's refreshing to see editorial spreads like this one.
There's no real reason I'm posting this (this isn't a "major" mag and probably won't change anything in the industry) other than I think these girls are GOR-geous and I think the shoot is cool (the kid in spongebob and crocs cracks me up!), so I'm sharing.
These clothes wouldn't look the same if it weren't for the beautiful color of their skin and I'm glad that is what got them booked instead of the other way around.

If I started discussing the many other levels that make me love this shoot ( for me, it touches on consumerism, gay marriage, adoption) we could be here all day.

More pics!

I have a serious case of “skin-envy”. Being a pale red haired lady, I have longed to be able to wear bright coloured all over print outfits offset by divine dark skin. But alas, this shall not be. An example of my skin-envy is featured in the latest issue of Oyster Magazine. “Nu Clean” is shot by Milos Mali and showcases how technicolour, neon pop, ornate brocade and rainbow hip hop fusion can blend together successfully when worn by the gorgeous Kuei and Akeer.
With outstanding styling by Paul Bui, the inspiration seems a mix of M.I.A and Santogold with Boy George circa 1980! Whilst the girls pose in a decidedly egalitarian approach to the styling, labels like Josh Goot, Tina Kalivas, Zimmermann, Firetrap and Adidas mix with Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Gucci and Marni to form the kaleidoscope of colour and texture.
Milos has used a super kitsch, eye candy approach to this shoot featured in and around a grimy suburbia house with a “fashionista squatter” feel to it. Boring, everyday “chores” are given a new lease on life with this duo; cooking eggs in the make do kitchen, knitting on the retro couch, playing on the bed with the carnival won oversized teddy bear and hitting that piƱata off the clothes line in the backyard! - Kate Vandermeer

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