Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Inspiration Board

The subject of Inspiration Walls/Boards was recently brought up by my fellow artist/blog-friend Martha Marshall.
Next to my "painting station" hangs a bulletin board. On that board I tack everything from my own sketches and print outs of pieces I've painted and sold to magazine clippings cut out of fashion or interior decor publications...catalogs too. Textiles and patterns are a great inspiration.
I also keep images of works by masters and famous artists who inspire me around as points of reference. They help to kick start me when I hit a creative wall.

To my Right:

On Sketches:
I am not a meticulous sketcher. I often look at sketches more as "notes" on ideas I've had rather than actual drawings (though I know that technically they are drawings). My sketches are usually quick and happen on the spot (notice there's a napkin with a sketch on it on my inspiration board).

Art books never remain clean and pristine once they enter my studio. They are a constant source of inspiration as well and almost always end up with paint splatter on them. I wouldn't have it any other way.
To my left:

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