Friday, September 11, 2009

The Client Is Not Always Right

This week's challenge was one we've seen before: Model as Client. This time, however, the outfits were intended to showcase the models at an industry event.
I wonder if by "industry event" they meant Heidi got her assistant to make some phone calls and see if the Ed Hardy folk wanted some free drinks that night.

Althea took top prize this week by outfitting her model (gorgeous and fierce cat-walker, Tanisha) in a 3 piece ensemble that was both chic and youthful.

As expected, some designers took too much direction from their models and lost their aesthetic in the process.

Johnny, for example, made his model Emarie look even more average than she already does.
Seriously, how did this girl get onto a modeling competition???
I know, that's awful and bitchy and one should not say things like that. But, really...
I'm sure she's a smart and lovely girl. I can see her working with children on some capacity.
There, I've said something nice to balance the not-so.

But it was Qrystl (or was it Krystl? or Xrystl?) who laid the biggest egg by not only averaging-down her model Valerie with a snoozefest of a dress, but by ageing her (according to Heidi) 10 to 15 years!
I found this to be particularly tragic considering that Valerie's looks are reminiscent of the beautiful Lynn Whitfield. Unfortunately she appears to be about the same age.
Ok, ok, I exaggerate! Valerie looks great!
...for a woman in her late 30's/early 40's. Not the "freshest" face the modeling industry has ever seen, is all I'm saying.

I should've tried out for She's Got The Look!

And so we bade farewell to Qrystl, whose aesthetic, quite honestly, always seemed a bit more Queens of Comedy than Haute Couture. Maybe the Queens will do a Reunion tour and call on her. We can all hope.

From Qrystl's Previous Work portfolio on

If Kid Rock had a bridal line, I suspect it might look something like this.

Seriously. Did a Project Runway producer loose his damn mind??!
All this photo is missing is a pole and a lunch buffet in the background ('cause we're talking day-shift entertainment with this lovely ensemble).

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