Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lights, Camera, Design!

Project Runway took us to the movies this week, an improvement over last week challenge.
Designers had to choose a film genre and create (as well as dress, of course) a character to send down the runway.

No designer wanted the Western genre, but it was Epperson who delivered the design I would have given top honors to. His translation of Western was appropriate (we understood who the model was supposed to be) yet modern (his rough denim ruffles were divine!) and most importantly...entirely Epperson! You could look at that garment and tell immediately which of the designers it came from. Let's hope the poor man's luck for constantly being picked last translates to being one of the last standing.


Instead, the top prize of immunity went to Nicolas, who quite honestly bores me to tears. I am not sure what exactly the panel (still sans Nina and Ms. Kors) saw in it that wowed them so. It was really quite far as Ice Queens go.

Cutie Christopher delivered another impressive dress, this one fit for a Vampire Bride. He made a bold choice ignoring Tim's disapproval of going sleeveless with a Victorian gown. Christopher ultimately made the right choice, but Tim's call, of course was accurate. A good example of how the contestants occasionally receive mixed signals (mentoring vs. judging). Perhaps challenge guidelines should be more specific. Were the designs supposed to be true to their period (those who chose period) or were they to bend the rules and bring to life a vision merely inspired by a time and place?

In a shocking (at least to me) turn of events, Ra'mon was sent home after piecing together a last minute Hot Reptilian Mess. It seemed somewhat unfair to me that in a show where "Safe" is a dirty word, the failed, but imaginative above and beyond what it was being compared against, design lost to the "snoozefest". Ra'mon had a solid track record up until this challenge, and at this point in the competition (still a ways from top 5), that should have counted for something.

Hot Reptilian Mess.

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