Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Make Your Mark

Once again, fab artist and fellow blogger, Martha Marshall posted a question I couldn't resist.
What art tools would you be lost without? she wants to know.
While I create about 80% of my work with brushes, there are other "tools" I've collected which contribute a great deal to my painting.

Dowels are a favorite! Dots are a constant in my work. I often apply these with a variety of paint-dipped dowels.

Circles and squares (as well as other shapes) are often found in my abstract work. I like using everything from bottle tops, lids and corrugated cardboard pieces (packing supplies) to the rim of small empty boxes.

Even mascara brushes can be great for applying (or lightly scratching into) paint.

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Martha Marshall said...

Ohhhh, I like the dowels!! Great little secret. For dots I often use a stencil. But I like that better.

Thanks for the linkie.