Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Dilemma About Small Paintings

I'm not feeling as strongly about "Women with Accents" as I did yesterday. I'm not sure if it's common practice for other artists, but I often will do some "rapid-fire" painting when I'm in between clear concepts. I'll do a number of quick paintings and feel strong about them for a day or two, then end up completely hating them and having to paint over them. LOL!

I still like the name "Women with Accents" for either a series or just a painting (which is what it might end up as).

Another struggle I'm having at the moment is the size of the paintings I'm working on. At one point I pretty much only painted in smaller sizes. As of late I am finding it difficult to paint smaller than 16x20". But I have to. For one, I have a shit-load of small canvases I need to use up.

Secondly, while I want to go bigger and bigger, there is something so great about finding and falling in love with a small painting! A small painting, you can stumble upon unexpectedly almost anywhere (not necessarily a gallery). You can pick it up and handle it as you study it. You know you'll have a spot for it at home because it won't take over a whole wall (and even if you had no wall space you could put it on a shelf). A small painting won't break the bank.

There's so much to say for small works! And I don't want to loose that, so it's back to the studio on this one...

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