Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Curvy girls don't want fins..."

"coming off their butts."
This is what less-orange-this-season Bottom, Michale Kors uttered during Korto's critique on tonight's Project Runway. Korto ran off stage looking like a crying poodle.
I'm not sure where she got that "fins" would convey her African-chic theme, but the result was a mess.

My fave on this week's runway:

Once again, Kenley delivers. Super-chic!
Perhaps not "young" enough for the judges.

This week's winner was Suede, who obnoxiously talks about himself in the third person.
A purse fell out of his mouth tonight while declaring his bisexthuality. The purse was later added to the Bluefly Accessory wall for use in a later challenge.

Apparently guest judge, Natalie Portman is eager to look like a Mummy Ballerina caught in the crossfire.

Tragedy of the Week:

Hi! I charge by the hour and have saggy tits!

Jerell needs to start bringing some fierce fashion if he's gonna keep running his mouth like he's got something to say.

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