Monday, July 28, 2008


I picked up some 24x36" canvases over the weekend. I was originally looking for some 30x40"s and then decided on some 36x48" diptychs.

I have acrobats and businessmen on the brain so let's see where all of this takes me.

I need to get a few new pieces completed by mid-week next week, when I have to hang the "Two-Faced!" show at The Center in DC.

On Wednesday I won't get any studio time, as I need to take down the "SueƱitos" show and take some of the remaining paintings (along with some new ones) over to my new gallery affiliation in Alexandria.

We're having a small dinner party on Saturday afternoon so I have to get things ready for that. It's going to be casual, but that means Friday I might not make it into the studio either.

Why am I typing? There should be a brush in my hand!

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