Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Introducing Guy-liner and Man-scara!

Taxi Man, a new line of "Metrosexual makeup, just for men" has been introduced.

The company's director of trading Jeff Wemyss insists:
"These days you can be macho and wear make-up. If you look at people like Russell Brand and Robbie Williams, they both wear make-up and they are both very red-blooded men."

This Gay is here to tell you that, you can't be macho and wear make-up (with the exception of stage or film make-up).

Don't even get me started on what sorts of guy on guy scenarios I could easily see a guy like Robbie Williams slipping into under a drunken stupor (but enough about my fantasies).

Pictured below is aforementioned, Russell Brand:

NOT macho!
Me suspects this to be just Amy Winehouse sporting a "natural" look.

I know some of you might think I'd be overjoyed by the introduction of such products, but quite honestly, I miss the days when the gay/straight lines were just a little less blurred. Once you short-circuit gay folks' gay-dar, it's gone too far.

Damn you "Queer Eye"!

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