Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Little Artists

I shared my studio today with three very distinguished guest artists.

Yep, you guessed it, Uncle John was on babysitting duty today.
After lunch it was time to hit the studio and get creative. I was quite pleased by the energy and enthusiasm with which these lil' van Gohgs worked.

I now proudly present to you the fruits of their labor (as titled by the artist and in no particular order):

Quite the prolific artist, Katherine attacks the paper with her paints, taking no prisoners.
"Uncle John, can I have more paper???" was uttered once or twice...or four times.

Top Row (left to right:) "Hugs & Kisses to my Family", untitled, "Silly Clown", "Dog with Spots", "Golden Teeth Lady"
Bottom Row: "Dots with Line", "Monster Pig", "The Lollipop of Spongebob", "Flying Pig", untitled

Most of these remained untitled for the exception of "Blue Ninja" in the middle.

Without a doubt the Surrealist of the group today. Joseph carefully chooses his subject, then lets his imagination place it in unexpected places.

Left to Right: "Ninja in Space", "Chocolate Bar in the Sky" and "Truck on Road"

Sarah puts a lot of thought and energy into her little masterpieces. I find her attention to detail and composition is quite impressive.

Left to Right: "Blue Magic Unicorn" (for MiMi), "Cute Tiger by the River", "The Black Bear" and "Chocolate Sale"

Hi kids!!!!I know you're waiting to see yourselves and your artwork on here.

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PurpleTrekkie said...

OMG! Those are fantastic!! What a wonderfully productive day y'all had ;-)

~ Toni