Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kenley Rocks!

What a let-down week this has been on Project Runway.
I mean, with a great challenge (touring NYC and creating a "night on the town" look inspired by a photo taken by each designer), one would expect a lot more edge and chic on the runway.

It would take too long to comment on the fact that just because an object is located within a city's limits, it doesn't automatically embody the spirit of that city. A planter, for example, however architectural, does not necessarily say: The Big Apple. Well, what do you know? That didn't take long at all.

Misguided inspiration or not, thank gawd for Kenley!
My girl brings it, for the third week straight (and finally scores a win!).
Her 80's flashback was delicious and fun. I could easily see a hip young gallery-goer or artist rocking this at an opening.

This is how you re-interpret a fashion era gone wrong!

Tragedy of the Week:

It's a 3-way tie!!!

A few designers seemed hell-bent on injecting the 80's into their design, Emily being one of them. The ruffles on her sad dress seemed as if they'd been placed with a blindfolded "Pin the Tale on the Donkey" approach that made no sense at all.

I'm sorry I have to wear this dress.

Having found a wet and tethered, stepped-on magazine on the sidewalk, Keith was armed with one of the best inspiration photos for this challenge. It screamed NYC! Instead of picking out graphic fabrics (perhaps even with a text-print, I'm sure you can find that at Mood) and dyeing or staining or hell, even slapping some fabric paint on the bottom of his shoe and stepping on some of it, and creating a sleek mini or body hugging knee-length number...he chose to send his model down the runway like a quilting-square reject display.
Maybe he's too busy worrying about Mormons kidnapping him and dragging his ass back to Salt Lake City to concentrate on the task at hand.
I've been there, I'd be scared too.

Hey big boy! Wanna blow your nose on my dress?

And can someone tell me how Tanned Gay Cannibal (he threatened to eat Kenley this week, what the hell!) Blayne managed to be SAFE with this monstrosity???

Did someone order a Gay Pride Pinata?

Is it me, or is Stella always either lost or confused?
Did she just crawl out from under Keith Richards or something??
How many episodes till she forgets where she's at and pees herself on camera?


Judy Wise said...

I laughed out loud. YOU, mister, are going right up on my bloglines.

Freckles said...

ROTFLMAO... you should be on the judges' panel.

Poor Stella, its so hard to concentrate on design when waiting on your Meth dealer.