Thursday, October 16, 2008

Three Times a Lady

And the winner is...

They love me, they love me not, they love me...petals, petals and MORE petals.

Well, the Project Runway season finale has come and gone and for once, there are no "tragedies of the week". Three talented ladies put forth strong collections with definitive points of view.
The winner (though not my personal favorite after seeing the final collections) was Leanne.
While on one hand new and exciting, the whole petal thing got a bit carried away for my personal taste.
My favorite pieces in her collections were the ones where she injected her sense of sculpture but did not allow it to overwhelm the look.

Leanne at her best: Edgy sophistication.

Kenley managed to still rock, though it might have served her well to take Tim's advice and loose the black ropes on some of her outfits. Visually, they added nothing essential to the designs that donned them. I do think she has the potential to go very far. Perhaps not mainstream success, but I could see her dresses doing very well in chic/hip boutiques. As an artist, I of course loved the hand painting of the fabrics (though I found some to be executed more successfully than others).

My favorite look from Kenley's show.
The hand painted flowers fit the cut of this dress perfectly!

Kenley brought "bold" as well as "playful" to the runway, often in combination.

If it were up to me I would've given top honors to Korto. Though more organic than futuristic, she too offered impressive sculptural elements in her design. Her colors were inspiring and exciting. In addition, I thought her clothes were extremely wearable! Not to say that wearability alone is always the definition of good fashion, of course, but Korto's collection was suited for a wide range of body types without loosing any edge.

Beautiful, sophisticated, edgy and often is a dress all of these things?

Fun and bold!

Did y'all catch Top Model's Bianca??? One of the "Make me a Supermodel" girls was in the model call as well.

Overly a beautiful way. This should've been Korto's wedding dress challenge design!

So that's it. Next season it's over to...ugh...Lifetime: television for aging women and sappy gay men. I am so so sad about that. Not that Lifetime doesn't serve a purpose in the universe, but let's face it, it's neither hip nor innovative.


C. Robin Janning said...

I thought all three women brought wildly wonderful collections. My vote was for Kenley, but it was impossible for the evening to end badly.

John G. said...

I agree Robin. Considering this season was a bit of a snooze-fest, all three finalists performed extremely well. There would've been no bad-winner.

Each collection was very artistic in its own way.

PurpleTrekkie said...

ooh! I really like #s 3, 4 & 5!! :-D