Friday, October 17, 2008

Small Abstracts

Today I worked on tiny little abstracts on paper, each just shy of 2" square, so chances are the image on your screen is larger than the actual painting.
They will go in small square black mirrored frames I purchased last year.
I did 10 of them in total.
I scanned them in and they seem somewhat off. The color looks almost too bright/intense and translucent in spots where the paint appears solid on the actual painting. I normally photograph my work and haven't figured out yet what adjustments I have to make differently when scanning. At any rate, here's some, you should get the jist of them:

Have a great weekend!


Martha Marshall said...

Oh how precious! These are just fabulous.

John G. said...

Thanks Martha. I actually really like these a whole lot, I only wish I could get a pic of them that was true. You can get the composition from these images, but the colors are off.