Friday, October 31, 2008


I've been doing some MAD multitasking in the studio this week.
In addition to the flavor and cocktail series and what I'm posting below, I also have 3 "fish" paintings going (don't ask, you'll just have to wait and see), 3 more miniatures and a few ornaments.

After last week's creative slump I'm extremely happy to juggle!

Woman and Guitar 2
Acrylic on canvas/10x10"

Minty (this is a very poor photo, I will have to re-shoot)
Acrylic on canvas/10x10"

Profile with Flower
This is a very tiny piece (haven't measured but maybe about 1 1/2 x 2" image). When I come across cool little frames I like to pick them up and tuck them away for later use. If they come with something already in them, I usually paint over it, rather than tear the backing out and replace the support. They make good "gifty" inventory with the upcoming holidays.

Have a great weekend!


PurpleTrekkie said...

MORE!!!!!!!!!! please :-D

John G. said...

I'm on it! LOL!