Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Here Comes the Fierce Bride

Didn't I tell y'all??? Kenley's back! YAY!
Say what you will about the girl (her rude behavior in a few episodes pissed me off too), but talent is talent and she's definitely got some. It's good to see her back on her game, delivering a romantic, yet flirty and undoubtedly faaaabulous wedding dress!

Any doubt there will be an open bar at this wedding???

Not surprisingly, Leeanne also made it into the top three. Her gown (which this photo does no justice) was an intricate and sophisticated work of art.

Bad bad photo. Good good dress!

Tragedies of the Week:

Korto...oh Korto.
It seems clear by now that when Korto is not "feeling" a challenge, the task at hand suffers greatly. She is truly a designer who must work within her own vision at all times. The result was a dress that was completely overworked and didn't evoke "wedding" in the least.
On the bright side, what we got to see of her Bryant Park collection seemed quite lovely...Fabulous Afrocentric chic!

African Origami!

My suspicions about Jerrell's Church Hall Fashion Show aesthetic were confirmed in tonight's episode. The man has dreams of a retrospective of his work at the Met! It's good to have dreams, but...
Baby steps, Jerrell, baby steps. How about doing a few hair shows first? Almost every gown from his collection was just begging to be paired up with a braided sculpture.

Here comes the bride, all dressed in..WTF??!

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