Wednesday, October 1, 2008


With all this talk of "bail outs" going 'round, I suppose Project Runway is just keeping up with the times.

In an unprecedented move,(oh no, wait a minute, didn't they do something like this last year, when they sent Chris and Sexy Bald Guy back home to do collections along with the other finalists???), all four remaining designers still have a shot at winning the competition. How lame was that?

By now, we all hate Kenley, but I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that she will BRING it and end up in the top 3. Clearly, for the second week in a row, Kenley's creation was weakest, however, there is more at play here than the designer's "look of the week". If there is one thing that will stand unique about this otherwise dull season, it will be the fact that some of the contestants' entry portfolio potential have kept them in the running throughout the competition.

Besides, Heidi did not have Kenley killed this week, so it can only mean that she is going to (already went, the top 5 get to go...shhh!) Fashion Week.

I'm calling for an all-girl Top 3. I did so at the start of this painful season and I'm sticking by that. While Jerrell won me over personality-wise, I never quite got his aesthetic. Did anyone catch the sneak peek of his collection during the promos for next week's show??? Is Jerrell really trying to bring CHURCH runway to Bryant Park? I'm fanning myself (with a real paper fan hallelujah!) in anticipation.

Tragedies of the week:

My right nipple's in my belly button!

David's Bridal, anyone???

Purple Mess!

Hooker's Ball!

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