Monday, February 14, 2011

Random Thoughts About The Grammys

Here are some random thoughts I jotted down during last night's telecast:

-'RETHA's Tribute. WAY Too long. Xtina with the different color mic stand. Really?? Get off it already, chubby.

Has Jen Hudson been sending her all the food she stopped eating or what??

Florence was the best part of this tribute.

And how about cutting that shit a bit and giving Lady T deserved respect instead of a half-sec shot in the middle during the In Memoriam...and not even give her the fuckin screen to herself. That was some serious bullshit.

-Ricky Martin...first wtf was up with those pants??? Secondly, yes you're gay YAY! Just 'cause you finally came out you don't now have to do EVERYTHING that's gay.

-Gaga...fuck it Gaga, kill 'em if they hate you. Just kill them all. Love the song and the performance was fun. I don't care if it sounds like Express Yourself (I honestly don't hear it that much) or Itsy Bitsy Spider, so the fuck what. Lavaux sounds like Automatic, Fergalicious sounds like Supersonic, Strong Enough sounds like I Will Survive and... blahblah

-Janelle Monae, I LOVE YOU!!!

-Justin Bieber and Ben (Usher) Vereen, I hate u both. THANK GAWD I'd accumulated enough on my dvr to skip both your asses.

-Bob Dylan and 28 Hillbillies...I wanted to kill myself 30 seconds into that whole thing. Holy shit, you couldn't understand this dude before. Was that just static coming out his mouth??

-Why does Lady Antebellum always make me think of a fab hag going out with her two favorite gays? She is too cute.

-Ceelo KA-MF-KAWWWWWWWW! Best of the night. And Gwenneth's shoes!!!

I enjoyed the show, overall, but I felt like I hardly saw folk going up to get awards. Exactly how many had been awarded beforehand? Wow.

I read something about some reporter having a stroke at the Grammys.

I blame this:

I thought I was having a stroke too but it just turned out to be bad fashion.

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