Monday, February 28, 2011

Some Random Notes On Oscar Fashion

Oh Melissa, this doesn't even look like the type of doily grandma used to make. It's the plastic kind bakeries put under cakes and pastries. How many boxes of cannolis did your stylist have to order to put this beauty together?? Ay Maron!

Who brings their chickens to the Oscars?
WTF is she wearing wedgies??

Well, it's official: Sharon Stone is a bird-eating zombie.

During the red carpet show, Nicole said "I love this dress because of its structure. It's really comfortable, even though it doesn't look it."

Oh, looks it.


Meru Aray said...

OMG, John, I said the same thing about Melissa Leo's dress! What the hell is she doing on the best dressed list? Gross! Halle's was my favorite!

John G. said...

Who the hell put her on a Best Dressed list? A publication for the blind, I hope.