Monday, February 28, 2011

An Oscar Season Public Service Announcement


Prince and grandchild date, ballerina Misty Copeland attended Elton John's Oscar party yesterday.
Perhaps the poor girl has never heard of Kim Basinger.

PS. I believe Prince is wearing a design from Liza Minnelli's upcoming QVC collection.


Anonymous said...

I'd rather see Prince in this glittery stuff than the unbelievably ill-fitting things he's worn in the recent past.

They were at an Oscar after party so his look was more casual.

Misty doesn't look bad, she just could have looked better. It was more casual and she's a dancer, so her dress should have been shorter to show off her fabulous legs. Don't love the peek-a-boob cut out but meh. She also REALLY needed a bra. She was hangin' a lil low.

If this is the worst she dresses with Prince, she's getting off lightly. LOL


John Gascot said...

If she continues to let him dress her, this will not be the worst. LOL

Anxy said...

Betty White told me to ask you why you can't just let Prince be great, and that if you don't like Quacker Factory fashions, there's clearly something wrong with you. Then she started throwing prunes at me and told me to get off her yard.

John Gascot said...

AHAHAHAH! I love you Anxy!
Are you sure it was Betty White and not Kim Basinger???

Anonymous said...

Yeah she totally looks like his daughter! It's a fashion disaster that Joan Rivers would have a ball making fun of. Misty has this pouting look to her face because of an underbite. Her underbite is really evident in pictures and when she speaks. His shirt is too Vegas and her dress does not flatter her at all.