Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Artistic Goals for 2010

Latin Pop Shop will take at least 50% of my time this year. I am already sure of it. Yesterday I had every intention of getting into the studio to finish a commission and start another and before I knew it the day had been filled by conversations to insurance agents and merchant account reps and answering artist submissions. It am not complaining, it was wonderful. I just need come up with a strict studio schedule to assure I get in there.

It is important that I not let my own art become secondary to Latin Pop Shop. I am one of the artists it represents after all. In an effort to do this (and because I plain wanted to) I've set a few artistic goals for myself this year.

I'm taking the leap! I have wanted to for quite some time now as I think my work will translate well into this medium. I received my first batch of materials over the weekend and I can't wait to start working with them.

Self Portraits:
At least one. I've been asked several times over the past year about them. I was even forwarded a Call for Artists for a self portrait exhibition just the other day. It's time.

Solo Cyber-Exhibit:
I've discussed this with a handful of people over the last two or so years. Most folk know I am a die hard Prince fan. DIE HARD. His music can be heard in my studio almost daily. I couldn't even tell you how many paintings I've created to his music. I belong to a few online Prince fan communities (Doesn't that just sound so teeny-boppery awful? LOL. It's not actually, I've met incredible lifetime friends. Thanks Mr. Prince!). This year I will put together a show comprised of 10 pieces (I like this number, perfectly achievable and I can always build on it if need be). Each piece will be inspired by a Prince song. I will hold a Cyber Opening Night Reception at one, possibly two, of the fan sites. If I get the opportunity I will hold this show at a physical location as well. The show is tentatively called "Songbook".

My first stash of linocut goodies arrives. candy!


Martha Marshall said...

How incredibly exciting your year is sounding! It's amazing how much you can accomplish if your heart is in it, as I know yours is 100 percent!

Love those linocut toys and love the medium. I can't wait to hear and see what you come up with.

John G. said...

Thank you Martha. I feel completely charged and in charge. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Linocuts! Wonderful. I'm sure you'll love working in that medium. Can't wait to see what you do.