Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010: The Year of Latin Pop Shop

2009 was a pretty good year, overall.
We moved from less-than-adequate accommodations into a house we truly love. We were blessed with good health. Our Saint Bernard rescue, Bogart, joined our crazy family. Most importantly, we enjoyed these things together. So, while I'm looking forward to 2010 being a stellar year (we will make it so), I have no real complaints about '09.
Last year I began toying with a concept for an art-related business. I came up with something that still allows me time behind the easel but will also allow me to reach out to other artists as well as the community. Something that speaks of who I am as an artist and a person. Something that honors my heritage. I came up with Latin Pop Shop, named after "Latin Pop", the term I've used to describe my signature style of painting for years.
Latin Pop Shop is a new online retail gallery/boutique representing Latino and Latino-American artists and artisans. It will specialize in art, jewelry and apparel, but will not be limited to these alone. If it’s bold and colorful and depicts or celebrates Latin culture, made or painted by Latin hands, conceived or written by creative Latino individuals…Latin Pop Shop will probably want to share it with the world!

As a full time artist, I know the “struggle-juggle” of creating art, finding representation and of course, selling. As an artist of Latin descent, I yearn to bring our multi-faceted culture to the masses. And as an art lover and former gallery director, this is simply all I know and love! Latin Pop Shop is the combination and embodiment of my passions. It is a concept I am willing to put my hard work behind because I truly believe in its great potential.

Latin Pop Shop is being launched as an Online Gallery and Boutique but we also are considering “physical” representation of our artists in the form of art festivals and trade shows. Perhaps even Latin Pop Shop Tour event! Another goal for the future…Latin Pop Shop storefronts! For now, we will direct the bulk of our efforts and resources to e-commerce and take each step that follows wisely and logically as we grow. We are committed to representing our artists in ways that are sensible and well-planned.

It's been so exciting, starting the year off with a clear goal. Building it piece by piece. I look forward to watching my baby grow into a big success!

I'm dreaming big and I'm committing to my dreams.
2010 will be the year of Latin Pop Shop!